How to Figure Out What Optimum Internet Speed You Need for Your Remote Projects?

If you are someone who works remotely, you need high-speed internet that enables you to attend online Zoom meetings, ensure fast file transfers and seamless access to internet-heavy apps and software. 

As the remote work trend continues to grow in popularity, selecting the right internet speed makes all the difference. If you have subscribed to Optimum internet plans, you might be wondering which internet speed plan to go for that will ensure that you experience instant communication with your colleagues, conduct meetings online and get access to important files quickly.

In this blog post, we will focus on the factors you must consider to determine the right internet speed for your work-from-home experience!

Steps to See What Optimum Internet Speed You Need for WFH Projects

Here’s what you need to do to make sure that you get the right Optimum speeds for your WFH projects:

Determine Your Work Requirements

Now, before you start focusing on internet speed, you need to understand the kind of projects you will be working on remotely. Observe the nature of your tasks and the extent of online work it will require. To determine this, you need to assess if you will be specifically working on text documents and emails or if you will have to work on data-intensive files such as videos. Next, check if you will have to frequently conduct or participate in video meetings or use video conferencing platforms often.

Also, you need to see if you will need access to cloud-based applications or any project management tools or if you will be using data-heavy applications such as video editing software. By determining your requirements, you can easily figure out the internet speed that will be best for the type of work that you do. This way you can easily decide between providers, and packages, or even whether to get Optimum plans, Mediacom bundle deals, or any other bundles from service providers in your area. 

Consider The Recommended Speeds

After considering your work requirements, you must consider the recommended internet speed for all the work activities that you will be involved with while working remotely. Now, according to Optimum, you require 10 Mbps for downloading large files, 6 Mbps for video conferencing, 4 Mbps for video calls on Skype or other video calling platforms, 3-5 Mbps for web browsing, and 1.15 Mbps to open email attachments.

Moreover, you need to understand that you will require faster speeds than the minimum limit, especially if you are going to be holding or participating in large group calls. That can also be the case if there are other people in your home or in any other space who are also working remotely along with you.

Consider Multiple Users & Devices 

If other people are sharing your remote working space or if you are working from home and other family members are working remotely too, you need to calculate the number of users and connected devices to determine the right internet speed for you. 

This is because each user and connected device will be taking a considerable portion of the bandwidth that is available to them.

Also, after calculating the number of users and devices, you need to observe the kind of work activities they will be doing. If they are just involved with light browsing and checking emails, you can go for a lower internet speed, but if they also have to jump on video calls or access cloud-based applications and software, we suggest you need a faster Optimum internet plan.

Carry Out Speed Tests

To determine your internet speed correctly and see if your work activities align with that speed, you can conduct Optimum’s online speed test.

This test will measure your Optimum Internet plan’s download and upload speed. Also, by running several tests multiple times during the day, you can see if there are any fluctuations in speed at any time of the day.

Also, if the current internet speed is less than the recommended speed, especially for your work activities, you can easily upgrade to another Optimum internet plan that offers a faster speed and better aligns with your requirements.

Contact Optimum Customer Support

Once you have decided on an internet speed after closely observing your work requirements, you need to reach out to Optimum customer service which is available 24/7. By getting in touch with them, you can discuss your requirements and get their advice on the right Optimum speed option and the pricing of that plan.

To Sum Up

To select the right Optimum internet speed for working remotely, you need to understand your requirements, check the recommended speed, carry out a speed task, and see if more people will be using the bandwidth in your house.

But with Optimum, you don’t have to worry as they have an affordable high-speed internet plan for all your speed and work requirements. So, whether you need high speed to conduct online meetings or you just need to connect with your team through emails, Optimum has a plan for everything. 

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