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This article collected all the possible data regarding One Lucky Duck Sarma to give you a briefing of a Netflix documentary.

Do you like to indulge in Netflix shows? Are you interested in crime documentaries? If so, you must have heard about the recent Worldwide controversial series. You got it right, we are talking about Bad Vegan, which is based on the life of Sarma Melngailis. 

She’s a Latvian dweller imprisoned for crime in 2016 and sentenced in 2017. She was the retired holder and co-founder of a food diner. What happened then? What’s the mystery behind One Lucky Duck Sarma

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Is One Lucky Duck Open or Closed? 

Sarma Melngailis unlocked the early upmarket fresh nutrition diner in New York, Pure Food and Wine, in 2004. After that, she agreed to broaden the eatery while simultaneously inaugurating One Lucky Duck, a mail-decree snack corporation.

But, due to the tragedies and tensions, in January 2015, the unconditional workers of Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck leftover a month’s cost of overdue incomes, compelling the platforms to shut down.

What Happened with One Lucky Duck Sarma Melngailis? 

Melngailis began both the bistro and mail edict snack corporation along with her boyfriend. They got the most loyal labourers who made her a real business forerunner.

But, everything almost disappeared once Sarma became united with a man who pledged to make her wishes come natural, only to deceive her of her self-made wealth.  

After her union with a fraudster, Sarma began not just behaving toward her associates oppositely but also began shattering commitments. Encompassing salary pay plans, resulting in a bundle of difficulties. 

During the tough times of One Lucky Duck Sarma, both places were in the hands of her husband. He couldn’t run the things effectively, which perpetually compelled him to shut both the gates.

Why is She Trending on Netflix? 

Sarma’s private reality crashed because of her partner Anthony Strangis, whom he joined online. She decided to benefit her spouse financially, which made her incapable of compensating her crew three years later. 

To protect interests and reopen her diners, she lied to investors, which led her to fall into the trap of destruction. This mishap of her life led Netflix to make a series on One Lucky Duck Sarma known as Bad Vegan, which is trendiest on Netflix and around the globe. 

Where’s Melngailis Now? 

Melngailis and Strangis left New York and were snatched in 2016 by the authorities for the crime. Both faced 14 years in lockup for various assaults. Melngailis was found guilty of duping more than $200k from an investor. 

She was convicted for around four months at Rikers Island prison. Soon after her rescue, she documented a divorce and walked to Harlem.

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As a final verdict, One Lucky Duck Sarma got popularity because of the Netflix series Bad Vegan. It is a controversial crime/fraud documentary. We have witnessed the downfall of Sarma because of her love life which led her to become a fraudster. The story is both disheartened and disgusting. 

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