{Full Video} Octavio Da Silva Referee Real Video: Gore Original Video Info On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram!

Explore the complete Octavio Da Silva Referee Real Video and why the brutal video is still trending on Twitter

Are you surprised to see a fatal video of a Brazilian referee who was beheaded brutally on the pitch? A horrifying graphic video created unusual chaos among the viewers as a brutal incident took place in Brazilian football.

People across the Philippines and multiple other countries were surprised to see the video and wanted to know the reality of the incident. The censored video circulating on social media became a funny sarcasm for a lot of users, and people are widely looking for Octavio Da Silva Referee Real Video.

Why are Netizens Looking for Octavio Da Silva Referee Real Video?

Netizens are looking for the Octavio Da Silva video because people shared a sarcastic gif in which Da Silva was beheaded. The intention of sharing the video was just for fun, but the brutality shook lots of users and viewers. As a result, people started demanding the actual video and started looking for the incident.

The information came to social media and Twitter that the video was recorded in 2013 when Brazilian referee Octavio Da Silva was brutally beheaded during a football match. The police covered the whole incident, and the victim died on the spot, and the culprit was charged with lawsuits. 

What’s inside Octavio Da Silva’s original video

What's inside Octavio Da Silva's original video

As per Octavia Da Silva’s original video, he was a referee in the amateur football match of the Brazilian soccer game. During his call-off, the player Josemir dos Santos Abrew got off the pitch due to a brutal foul, and the player and referee had a heated argument. 

As seen in the video on Reddit, the argument became so brutal that Abrew blew some punches and spikes on Da Silva. In return, he pulled out a knife from his pocket. In defence, Da Silva stabbed Abrew in multiple places, and he got unconscious on the field. Abrew died on the way to the hospital, and his family and friends, watching the match, attacked Da Silva on the playground.

Octavia Da Silva's original video

Octavio Da Silva Gore video shows that he was dismembered brutally into four parts as Abrew’s friends ripped off Da Silvia’s arms, legs and head. The terrible video got millions of views on social media, and people started commenting on the video as they watched the incident. As a result, an amateur football match turned into a brutal blood-shredding event where two men died of anger and rage.

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Instagram Account of Victims

Netizens are looking for the videos and social media profiles of the victims. As per the trend, they are looking for the social media handle of the victims Dos Santos and Da Silva on Instagram. Unfortunately, Instagram was not available at that time, and due to this, no social media profiles were created for the victims.

However, there are few videos available on YouTube as per the news and the sensational incident on the soccer field. The Video Octavio Da Silva Referee contains all the scenarios of the incident and blurred format, and people are getting the idea of how brutally they were dismembered and killed during a match. Additionally, the censored video is also Trending on TikTok.  

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After killing player, referee is quartered during football match in Brazil. (Google translated from Portuguese)
byu/shinzzle inWTF

Final Verdict

Octavio Da Silva’s viral video is still trending on social media after 11 years of controversy. The incident took place on a football field in Brazil during an amateur soccer match. Netizens are demanding the original Octavio Da Silva Referee Real Video to watch the whole scrims scene. 

However, due to inappropriate content, the video was eliminated from social media but is still available on Telegram. What is your reaction to the fatal killing of Da Silva? Comment Below.

Disclaimer: All the information in this article contains immense scenes and horrifying stories. We do not promote any violence and viewers are recommended to read the article carefully. 

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