Nuremberg Trial 2022 {Feb} Find Moot Court, Event Detail

This research on Nuremberg Trial 2022 will guide the commencement date and the rules and abbreviations of this competition.

Many Competitions are being held for different fields like science, arts, law, mental mathematics, and many more. One such competition is organized every year for law aspirants. It is called by the name Nuremberg Moot Court.

What is Nuremberg Trial 2022? People from Canada and other parts of the world are curious about this competition. Could they take part in this competition? All the queries will be solved here.

What is Nuremberg Moot Court?

A Nuremberg Moot Court is an internationally organized competition for law students who can compete on their written or oral legal argumentation. Students from any nook and corner can participate in this competition. The students are called from different parts, and this event is held through an online platform. It is helping Germany Nuremberg by International principles academy and criminal law research.

When is Nuremberg Trial 2022?

As we all know, this international competition is organized every year; this competition will also be organized this year. The online event will commence from July 1 to July 15. The law teams from different parts of the world are invited and will argue before the criminal court on an imaginary case. The potential of the aspirants is calculated.

Registration date

The teams who are interested in the Nuremberg competition can register themselves through online mode. The registration began on November 15, 2021, and ended on January 17, 2022. However, the registration for new applicants is closed now. Therefore, new applicants cannot register for Nuremberg Trial 2022 now.

Teams who have registered earlier will be given a chance to participate in this competition. The online event will commence from July 1 till July 15, 2022.

About The Moot Court

The moot court is an artificial court proceeding and invites law students from different parts of the world to argue over an imaginary case in front of a criminal court (international). They compete with other teams based on the written or oral presentation or legal argumentation from defense and prosecution positions. Anybody can participate in the competition and show up their talent in front of other candidates from different countries. So, start preparing for Nuremberg Trial 2022 and take up the challenge proudly.

Are rules and abbreviations available now?

The competition is all set to start. The participants have registered their teams in the competition. But, the main and inseparable part of any competition is rules and abbreviations. Teams from different parts might be curious to know if the rules are available now or not. So, we would like to tell you that the rules and abbreviations are available on their official site. So, you can visit the site and read all the necessary rules before presenting in front of the criminal court.


Based on Nuremberg Trial 2022, the competition is set to begin. So, the participants should start preparing from now only if they want to win. However, the registration is now closed. So, kindly visit this page to know more about Nuremberg 2022.

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