[Watch Full Video] Nivea Man Video Leaked on Twitter: Men Deep in the Twitter Desodorante

This article explains to the readers about the Nivea Man Video Leaked on Twitter and their, Deep Desodorante controversy.

Do you love using Nives Products? Nivea is a well-known brand Worldwide and loved by millions of people. However, the recent controversy has left people with second thoughts about the brand and whether they should be a part of their Nivea community. A Nivea Man Video Leaked on Twitter, which has made its fans against the brand. Follow the article to know deeply about the case.

What was in the Nivea Man Video Leaked on Twitter post?

In the leaked video, a conversation between two people was going on. One was an executive from Nivea, and the second was one of the creative team people from the ad agency in New York. The recorded conversation between them happened on a phone call.

Since the Nivea Men Deep Deodorant ad got leaked on Twitter, people assume that it was leaked from the ad company side as Nivea rejected their pitch with a homophobic comment that One of the Ad team did not like. Then, to expose the Nivea brand, they shared the whole conversation publically.

What was the conversation in the viral Nivea in the Man Video?

Nivea wanted an ad for their product, so they asked FSB (Foote, Cone, and Belding), an ad agency, to create an advertisement for them. As Nivea trusts FSB and has worked with them as their ad partner for more than 100 years, they trusted them with a good pitch.

But when FSB pitched their idea on Nivea in the Man Video, the executive from Nivea rejected the whole pitch and commented that the idea of the Ad was Gay and that Nivea did not do gay Ads. There was a gay executive who listened to Nivea’s executive remark and got offended. Later, that ad executive released the whole recording to the world.

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The reaction of the Netizens to Nivea Man Twitter leaked call

Netizens were very angry with the brand as their remark to the company was too offensive and purely against the LGBTQ community. People commented they Nivea is a famous brand, and many people trust them, but they do not respect all their customers, as they could be of any gender.

The Nivea Man Twitter controversy became big news all over the news channels and social media apps. Now, people have started to boycott Nivea and all their products. The brand received negative feedback from its users. Netizens said Nivea should develop their mindset with the coming generation.

What is the current situation on Nivea Men Desodorante and other product sales?

Many people have already started to boycott Nivea by not buying their product and giving negative feedback. Their sales of all the products are going down. People are sharing these leaked conversations on various social networking sites to make people aware of the situation and not to buy any products from Nivea.

Nivea Men Desodorante sales have reached down, along with their lotions and cream. And their sales will go lower than it is now.

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(Rainbow cream costs 20 cents more.) How do we all feel about this? Pride month is coming up and this seems to be the norm for businesses.
byu/overstimulatedfrog inlgbt


Nivea may break their 100 years of relationship with FSB. Nivea Men Deep deodorant and other product sales are decreasing. 

How do you think Nivea can get its reputation back? Comment down your thoughts.

Disclaimer- We have no intention to bring down any brand or person related to the brand. This article is solely for informational use.

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