[Watch Video] Niño de 12 Atropellado en Carabayllo Video: Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram!

The article informs about the Niño de 12 Atropellado en Carabayllo Video, and how it went Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, and Twitter.

Did you hear about the accident that happened near a school in Carabayllo? The news of this accident has brought people from Worldwide on their toes. Netizens are concerned about the boy’s family and what actions the family is taking against the Niño de 12 Atropellado en Carabayllo Video. If you are willing to know the same, keep up with us until the end.

What is in the Niño de 12 Atropellado en Carabayllo Video?

In the video, there is a group of people surrounding the bus and talking about a boy who has been run over by the bus. They did not show the boy.

In the viral Twitter video, the color of the bus is red. In the video, people are discussing that the boy was young, and from further discussion, it was revealed that the victim was only 12 years old.

Viral Twitter Information about the boy

The victim was a student at San Rafael School, and on 5 September at 7:30, that accident happened where he was going when a red JC transport bus ran over him.

Viral On Reddit news says the school took him to the nearby Carlos Lanfrance La Hoz hospital, and when he reached the hospital, there was heavy blood loss with critical injuries. He was pronounced dead at 8:30 A.m.

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Viral On Reddit victim’s mother’s statement

The victim’s mother Is asking the school why they did not take all the safety measures for the student despite paying so much money to the school every month.

According to Instagram, the mother is demanding the transport company that hit her child to cover all the funeral charges. But till now, JC Transport company has not made any official comment about the situation.

What is the viral Youtube information about the Bus driver?

The man is identified as Jorge Ramos Olivo. He is 48 years old and was charged with the crime against body, health, and life, added with wrongful homicide.

As per viral Youtube information, after the accident, police detained Jorge Ramos for 48 hours. He has to wait until prosecutors take any action on his detention. Currently, authorities have sent him for toxicological examination along with other possible procedures.

TikTok audience’s reaction to this accident

People on TikTok were furious at the school authorities for not looking out for the children and not taking responsibility when there was an active road close to the school.

TikTok audiences are sending love and condolence to the family on the loss of their young child. They are standing moral support to the parents of the child and are encouraging them to stay strong in this hard situation.

Telegram situation on the accident

Many Telegram pages are sharing this news from where it can reach out to several people so that they can know exactly what has happened.

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Instagram also has many posts about this incident, and authorities are taking all the action against the bus company. For now, there is no update from the Bus company.

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