Neatya Reviews {Oct 2022} Is It A Scam Site Or A Legit Site?

Do you want to know about an online platform for women’s clothing? If yes, then check the below article Neatya Reviews.

Are you looking for a platform on the internet to shop overall things for women in clothing? As in the upcoming article, we will discuss an e-commerce website offering various clothing products for women, from dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, etc. 

The name of the e-commerce site is Neatya. Neatya is not limited to a particular region but allows to do shopping in many parts of the world like the United States. So, let’s begin with the article Neatya Reviews.

About Neatya

Neatya is an online platform available on the internet for shopping for dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, jeans, cardigans, and rompers. The products which are available on Neatya are mainly for women. If you want to gift something to a woman, then Neatya can help you. Along with the clothing products, footwear is also available on Neatya. 

Not only stylish but classic patterns are also available on Neatya. If you are planning to buy any of the products for you or your friends from Neatya, don’t forget to check that Is Neatya Legit.

Specifications of Neatya

  • Contact Number – The number for contact for the customer given on Neatya is +12513401338
  • Company Address – The address of the store given on Neatya is Bristol, US
  • URL Link – The URL Link of Neatya is 
  • Email Address – The email address provided for customers on Neatya is 
  • Social Media Connection – Neatya is not linked with any popular social media connection. 
  • Customer Reviews – There is no customer Neatya Reviews available on the website. 
  • Payment Methods – PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, etc., are the various payment methods available on Neatya. 
  • Products Available – The products available on Neatya are dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, jeans, cardigans, footwear, and rompers
  • Newsletter – The newsletter facility is available on Neatya. 
  • Shipping Policy – In 10 to 22 days, your order will reach your place. 
  • Return and Refund Policy – Neatya has a 35-day return policy, which means you can return your order if not satisfied in 35 days. 

Advantages of Neatya

  • The methods of payment provided by Neatya have a variety, and that’s why the customer will not face any difficulty.  
  • All the required policies are there. 
  • Plenty of payment method are there.

Disadvantages of Neatya

  • There is no customer Neatya Reviews available on the verified or trusted portal.
  • The market value of Neatya is not up to the mark.
  • Neatya has a huge stability issue because it has not yet completed six months on the internet. 
  • The prizes on Neatya are not satisfactory or reasonable. 
  • Neatya does not provide the owner’s information, and the contact us information seems fake, so make sure you check this thing before shopping. 
  • Neatya is not connected with any of the social media connections. 
  • The interface of Neatya is not very attractive and seems a bit messy. 

Is Neatya Legit

  • Trust Rank – 1% is the trust rank of Neatya, which is very bad.
  • Content Quality – The content on Neatya is plagiarised. 
  • Address Originality – The store’s address is given on Neatya, but it seems fake. 
  • Domain Age – The date Neatya was established on the internet is 25/05/2022.
  • Expiration Date – The date on which Neatya will get expired from the internet is 25/05/2023. 
  • Social Media Connection – Neatya is not connected with any social media connections. 
  • Policies – Policies are not appropriately described on Neatya. 
  • Owner Information – The information of the owner is not given on Neatya.

Customer Neatya Reviews

Based on our research in the above article, there are no customer reviews available for Neatya. Neither on the website nor the verified portal are the reviews available. Neatya is not even linked with any of the social media platforms. 

Since there are no reviews for Neatya, it is tough to trust it; its market value is also not very good. So, make sure that before shopping from Neatya, you check everything. You can know how to keep your money safe from Credit Card Fraud

Conclusion On The Topic

According to the above article Neatya Reviewsthe legitimacy of Neatya is dubious or suspicious. This is because it does not have any customer reviews, has stability issues, and many other reasons. Please do read and try to learn to keep the money you have safe from any PayPal fraud. You can know more about clothing

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  1. Definitly a scam site, tried to purchase 2 items, shipped thru a company that you cannot get a hold of, and eventhough they offer a full refund policy if youre not satisfied, they only offer to give you 60% percect back because of bank fees, dont make the mistake I made!


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