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Have you played the viral guessing game yet? Read the article to find out about Nba Guessing Game that is going viral.

Do you consider yourself a profound NBA fan? Are you wondering what the trending Nba Guessing is? Is it some NBA basketball game or a guessing game? Well, it is a basketball-based guessing game that has players from all over the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other corners of the world hooked. Here is all to know about the Nba Guessing Game

About Weddle:

The game is a basketball version of Wordle. This game called Poeltl is a guessing game based on NBA. In the game, you have to guess the name of the NBA player after watching the given silhouette. The game was created by Dunktown, which is a popular NBA podcast. There is a new mystery player’s silhouette every day! The game was first introduced to NBA fans through Twitter, and it has been gaining huge popularity ever since. The game is commonly referred to as Poeltl.

Where to play Nba Guessing Game?

  • You can play this game on the Poeltl official website, which is brought to you by Dunktown.
  • You might be wondering why the game is called Poeltl. Well, Jakob Poeltl is an Austrian professional Basketball Player. This guessing game is named after him.

How do you play Poeltl

Anyone can play this game by visiting the game’s official website on the browser of their choice.

  • First, watch the given silhouette of the NBA player carefully.
  • After you make a guess, type your answer in the guess box.
  • Remember that you have only eight chances to guess the NBA player’s name.
  • After each guess in the Nba Guessing Game, a box appears wherein the player’s details you guessed like age, height, division, and the team is given.
  • The box with a description that matches the ultimate mystery players will be in green color.
  • However, if the box is yellow, it means that the player is currently not playing for the team.
  • Each day there will be a different NBA player for the fans to guess, which keeps the air full of anticipation.
  • You have eight chances to guess the right name; you should guess it in a few tries possible.

Fan’s reactions:

It was first announced to fans on the social media platform Twitter; ever since Poeltl Nba Guessing Game has been much loved and popular among all NBA fans.

Netizens are showering praises and highly loving this game. And why not? The game is a perfect mix of guessing games and tests your Basketball knowledge.


First announced on Twitter, this game is a Basketball based guessing game. In this game, the players have to guess the name of the NBA basketball player from the given silhouette. The game is becoming widely popular. Basketball fans all over the globe are enjoying this game.

Here is the official website link to play this game

If you are a Basketball fan and love the National Basketball Association’s players dearly, then you will surely love Nba Guessing Game. 

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