NBA Floor Sweeper Salary (June) Get Detail Information!


NBA Floor Sweeper Salary (June) Get Detail Information! >> Are You Curious to find out the exact earn-up of NBA floor sweepers? Read this for details.

All the basketball lovers, we are sure that most of you are well aware of the exact salaries of the NBA players, but have you ever had the desire to know about NBA Floor Sweeper Salary.

Well, you have reached the correct place here. We will discuss this trending news as people, especially from the United States, are curious to find out.

About National Basket Ball Association (NBA)

NBA stands for National Basketball Association, a well-known league of North America consisting of professional football players. The league consists of thirty professional football teams, of which 29 of the teams belong to the United States, and one is from Canada. It is one of the premier leagues of the world Played by professional footballers.

So, now are you eager to get the exact details of the NBA Floor Sweeper Salary? For that, keep reading further.

The league came into existence on 6th June in the year 1946 in New York. At that time, it was known as BBA, which stands for Basket Ball Association of America.

Commissioners and President of the NBA

  • The president for the year 1946 – 1963 was Maurice Podoloff.
  • For the years 1963 – 1967 Water Kennedy President and he was also the Commissioner of the association for 1967-1975.
  • The Commissioner for the year 1975 -1984 was Larry O’Brien.
  • Further, the Commissioner for 1984 to 2014 was David Stern.
  • The Commissioner from 2014 to current is Adam Silver.

To know about the NBA Floor Sweeper SalaryStay connected with us till the end.

Salaries of the Players and other Employees of NBA

The salaries of each player may differ based on their performance and the contract made by each player. However, an NBA player can make up to $300K per year and base on the average calculation, a player can make $25,000,000 within a contract for five years. For a winning championship, NBA players can make $73.6 M.

Now coming to the other employee’s salary, such as the water boy, the average salary for a water boy of the NBA is $58,000 per annum, which could move up to $1000 000 or more.

NBA Floor Sweeper Salary

The NBA offers various employee posts such as the water boy, towel boy, cheerleaders etc. The salary for the water boy has already been shared in the above section; also, the towel boys earn a lot from the same platform. The salary of a towel boy ranges to $55,000 to 60,000. 

Now without any further ado let’s find out the salary for a floor cleaner or sweeper. The salary for a floor sweeper is $80,000 per annum, and for some experienced cleaners, it may reach up to $100,000 per year. 


By far, NBA Floor Sweeper Salary has been discussed in detail. Further, it can be assumed by the well-offered salary of the NBA employees that it can be a good career option for the interested ones.

Did you know about the well offered NBA employee’s salary.

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