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This article contains information about the National Grid Settlement Scam. Moreover, all the details by which you get a claim. Stay connected till end.

Have you heard about the national grid artificial voice call scam? Are you a citizen of the United States from 9 March 2011 to 21 October 2021? If yes, you might be shocked by the current news of the settlement of the national grid by claiming that every customer receiving an artificial call on their cellular telephone will receive a claim of some amount.

The National Grid Settlement Scam agrees to pay $38.5 million for all the scam calls. 

What is the National Grid Scam?

The news is on trend because customers are receiving a fraud call from the national grid saying you have some due bill and give an extra discount coupon on the next bill. It is an Automated phone calls. So, there are chances that this could be a scam.

In this scenario, customers can report a scam case file against the call or email received by the national grid. Government Law is proposed for these scams, i.e., the telephone consumer Protection Act. In this act, you can file a case for a fraud call by the national grid.

National Grid TCPA Settlement Scam.

According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), if any customer receives a fraud or scam from any National grid company, an individual can apply for lawsuit allegiance for the scam call on their cellular mobile or telephone.

This TCPA act was proposed because many fake call cases are approaching. In this customers get framed to buy or listen to the deal by computer voice on cellular calls. So for protection, this act was in process. If any National grid company scams any person, they will have to pay the legit claim.

How to get a claim for the National Grid Settlement Scam

If you received any fake or scam call from the National grid, you could apply for a claim by the following process.

  • Submit for a claim: if you are a citizen of the United States and received a scam call within 10 years upto 29 October 2021. You can file a lawsuit. 
  • Hearing in court: after 10 June 2022, you will get approval from the court to ask for your needs regarding the settlement.
  • Process of getting a claim: once you apply for the claim, you have to do nothing and wait for the approval. As per National Grid TCPA Settlement Scam, As soon as approval comes in the process, you will get your claim.

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The national grid scam was very disturbing and harassing for the customer. The TCPA act supported the solution for the problem and provided help to the customers. National Grid also agreed to pay around $38.5 million for the settlement.

Have you fallen into this scam trap? Please mention your thoughts in the comment section below. To get more information on the National Grid Settlement Scam, visit for national grid news. Also check here to learn How to Avoid a scam.

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