The Benefits of Multi-Accounting and Using Residential Proxies

Multi-accounting has become an effective tool to grow your business and sales. It allows for the management of multiple social media accounts for automation or several eCommerce ones for increased sales. However, many restrictions and blocks arise when multi-accounting. To combat these blocks, you should buy residential proxies. When you buy residential proxies, you take the first step in streamlining your management of multiple accounts.

What’s Multi-Accounting?

Multi-accounting is the practice of creating multiple accounts on a platform. Generally, you’ll create multiple logins for the accounts. Each login operates separately, even though they all belong to your company. There are various benefits to creating several accounts. 

You can create various seller accounts on eCommerce platforms, elevating your sales. Significant platforms like Amazon are even recognizing the advantages of multiple seller accounts. However, generally, your company must need them.

You can ensure each branch or department has its own social media account. It allows you to offer deals and specials to customers more effectively. If you have extra accounts for automation, it can also boost engagement. An account with more interaction will increase your visibility among the target audience.

Is Creating Multiple Accounts Illegal?

Technically, there are no laws against creating multiple accounts, so it’s not illegal. However, many platforms’ terms and conditions state you’re only allowed one account per user and IP. So, you might be violating the site’s terms and conditions when creating another account. That’s why it’s always essential to read the terms and to be aware of what you can and cannot do.

Using Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are valuable tools to manage multiple accounts more effectively. On a single platform, they’re used to mask your IP. It makes it seem like the accounts come from different devices, IP addresses, and, thus, users. However, it also enables you to manage accounts across multiple platforms. You can cohesively use all your platforms together to streamline the workflow. 

Genuine IP Addresses

Residential proxy servers act as an intermediary between the internet and your device. They use real IP addresses from home devices, which makes it almost indistinguishable from an authentic user. As such, when you create multiple accounts, these accounts are linked to actual IP addresses, not “fake” ones hosted in a data center.

It means websites are less likely to detect the usage of proxies. You won’t have to worry about your account becoming blocked and losing the benefits of multi-accounts. The genuine IP addresses ensure that you don’t violate the “single IP” term and can easily assign different accounts to your employees for their department’s usage.

Improved Privacy

Privacy is always a concern when multi-accounting. Many fraudsters and hackers are online, waiting to take advantage of vulnerabilities. If you predominantly operate online, then you place your company at risk. These malicious entities could try to hack social media and eCommerce accounts to run scams.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution. By using a proxy, you improve your cybersecurity. If the hackers try to follow your digital footprint, it’ll only lead them to the proxy server. As such, they can’t access your device or servers, as you don’t directly contact the internet.

Efficient Account Management 

Managing accounts across multiple platforms can become confusing and a stumbling block in your workflow. Your various eCommerce accounts must work cohesively to present a brand image with integrity. If there’s no communication between your multiple accounts, customers might try buying products or services that are no longer available.

Proxies can help you stabilize your connection, which allows platforms to communicate more effectively. It can also ensure your social media and eCommerce platforms are available in the same location, which means they operate faster, and you can quickly jump between different sites.

Global Multi-Accounting

A global reach is the dream of all businesses. However, we know it comes with equally significant challenges, such as effectively entering the local market. When you expand globally, you must operate the account in that country to create a user-friendly profile for the residents. If it doesn’t perform as the locals are used to, they’re unlikely to choose your product/service above others.

A proxy server is one of the best ways to enter a new market. It allows you to change your IP location to the market, which means you can see what the locals see. It will enable you to research local deals effectively and operate any accounts from that location. As such, you can appeal to the locals using designs and sales they’re used to on your account.

Effectively Manage Your Business Accounts

There are various ethical considerations when multi-accounting. Some sites ban it outright, so you should always know the terms and conditions. However, others are more flexible, and you can easily engage in legitimate multi-accounting practices. When you buy residential proxies, you know that you get genuine IP addresses, better privacy, and efficient management of diverse online accounts as part of the package. 

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