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Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Mua Scam TIKTOK selling fake products at lower prices, including free shipping offers.

Did you come across makeup videos on the internet and social media in the United Kingdom? is a popular UK website selling women’s beauty products. Many professional makeup artists around the globe promote MUA products as they have high quality, cruelty-free, and highly innovative. 

Scammers take advantage of such brands. How would you recognize illegitimate items on TikTok stores? Let’s check about Mua Scam TIKTOK trending on social media.

About MUA Scam:

Recently, several videos came up on TikTok featuring MUA products, especially the MUA foundation. The video showed makeup artists applying makeup on the face of women, and the final results were impressive, with women looking beautiful, with even tone, better complexion on their face, and attention-catching eyes and brows.

The TikTok videos showed before and after the makeup transformation and advertised the MUA products at more than 50% discount with free shipping. As per online sources, such products are SCAM as these MUA products are not genuine and imported from China. 

Mua Scam TIKTOK details:

It was revealed that scammers are taking advantage of MUA’s social media presence. MUA products are present on social media. Hence, anyone can create a TikTok account and present themselves as a makeup artist from MUA. There is no verification process on TikTok to know if a person is a certified makeup artist.

Such scammers make videos of makeup and present MUA products at lower prices. As per online sources, it was revealed that such people ship fake MUA items vis aliexpress or Alibaba websites. Some of the users who reviewed such videos ordered the products. The MUA products were, in fact, delivered. But, the user found the Mua Scam TIKTOK products to be adulterated.

It was also revealed in a few YouTube user reviews that scammers buy MUA products from Alibaba and aliexpress in bulk at very low prices. Next, scammers create a fake MUA store/shop on TikTok and sell MUA items. Again, there is no verification process on the TikTok marketplace. Anyone can create an online TikTok store and sell products from any brand.

Original MUA is a brand, and MUA products are genuine. Such products can be purchased from However, people get attracted when they see branded MUA items sold for more than 50% discount and free shipping. Mua Scam TIKTOK is a trap and a form of Scam. 

Due to the high quality of materials used in MUA items, research, innovations and high standards, MUA products cannot come at a low price. provides free shipping for orders over £22.00 due to tight profit margins.


As per online sources, many scammers have come up selling cheaper MUA items manufactured in China. But, not all MUA TikTok items are fake. Hence, it is recommended that users access the official to buy genuine products. The shipping cost will be added if the order is less than £22.00. However, you get authentic products. Instead, if you order from the TikTok store, you will get altered MUA products

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