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Did you come across an accident at New Milford and wonder what exactly happened? As per sources, a major accident took place on Sunday, 01 May 2022, near the Windmill Diner at the Danbury Road, the United States.

Besides, a post was put on social media asking residents to avoid the area. If you are still oblivion about what happened, we present a detailed article and information about the Motorcycle Accident New Milford CT. Read the entire article to get your doubts cleared, leaving no room for any hoax or misinformation.

Why is New Milford, CT, in the news?

As per sources, a grave motorcycle accident occurred near the Windmill Diner, the United States. Furthermore, as per information garnered, the accident involved a crash between a motorcycle and that vehicle. Routes 7 nearby and leading to Windmill Diner were eventually closed on Sunday. 

Besides, authorities even asked the residents in the area to avoid venturing from there. In the coming sections, we will be elaborating more about the New Milford CT Motorcycle Accident Today and try to know more details.

More details about the accident

  • The accident took place on Sunday, i.e., 01 May 2022
  • While there is not much information about the victims and their current state, the crash was confirmed by Pete Bass, the New Milford Mayor.
  • Besides, he also shared a post on social media, requesting the residents to avoid taking the route and expect delays.
  • The crash happened when a vehicle crashed a motorcycle at the Route 7 lane by the Windmill Diner.
  • More information is awaited about the crash now.

Motorcycle Accident New Milford CT – More Information

While the said motorcycle accident took place on Sunday 01 May 2022, another accident took place on Saturday evening, i.e., 30 April 2022. The accident involved a motorcyclist from Milford who was eventually killed in the crash at the intersection of Cedarhurst Lane and Bost Post Road, as per the police records.

The victim is identified as Austin Micha, aged 20 years. He was on his motorcycle when a car collided that was moving nearby to the 1201 Boston Post Road driveway. However, the second New Milford CT Motorcycle Accident Today took place on 01 May 2022 at Milford.

Furthermore, while both the accidents took place on two different days, one involved a Milford Motorcyclist and another a crash that took place at New Milford. Thus, both the accidents are not to be considered the same.

Final Conclusion

The Motorcycle crash at Windmill Diner on 01 May 2022 is still under investigation. There are not many details that are divulged about the accident and if there were any injuries. It has to be noted that all information is taken as per sources, and we hold no claim to it.

You will get to know more about Motorcycle Accident New Milford CT from this article. Read safety measures for motorcycle here.

What more information do you have about the accident? Do share any updates or information in the comments section below.

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