Morelegant Reviews (March 2022) Is The Website Legit?

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By Marifilmines Team

Read this Morelegant Reviews blog which holds necessary information to give you insight about its legitimacy, which is selling products at huge discounts.

Grab new stylish, classic, floral dresses with massive rebate deals- are you wondering where to find this deal? Then, the Morelegant website is the one that can fulfill your requirement.

This Morelegant website is a shopping store displaying a wide range of women’s dresses catalogs, which has become a hot topic in the United States, Australia, Canada, etc.

But, before judging the site’s worthiness, you must check Morelegant Reviews and ratings to ensure that you’re getting high-quality products without being tricked. Plus, legitimacy checking is also necessary.

So, let’s verify the site first.

What is the Morelegant store?

The shopping destination is formed to sell women’s dresses with the help of an e-commerce market platform. If you survey the market in the United Kingdom, you understand that garments (it can be for women or men) are the most popular niche in the ecommerce market, as the majority of websites prefer to choose them. But, with huge options, it’s tough to choose which one is legit. So, Is Morelegant Legit?

The shop has collections of ladies’ dresses, with separate product compartments like Spring and summer collection 2022, Dresses, Linen & cotton clothes, Tops, Winter collections, Bottom, Hot sale, with an ‘All Product’ tab showing its whole collections.

The gorgeous dresses are available with descriptions, size charts, measurement details, quantity, color & size options, and several pictures. Moreover, the ongoing discount deal especially offers an additional rebate on bulk buying. For example, if you buy 4 items once, you get a 15 percent additional rebate.


  • Store’s Link:
  • Address: Unfortunately, the address details haven’t been notified.
  • Comments: Morelegant Reviews are available.
  • Email Address:
  • Client Support Number: The number, as well as the chatting option, are both missing.
  • Transportation Duration: The standard transportation may take around 1 week to 15 days.
  • Canceling Process: The process only remains valid until the product gets shipped. So, you have to cancel it before shipping.
  • Charges of Transportation: There is a free transportation facility, but only if buying over 79 USD. Apart from this, the standard fee is 12.9 USD on the below-79$ order amount.
  • Refund Policy: Available, but duration is missing.
  • Is Morelegant Legit: It’s tough to declare.
  • Return System: The system stays active for around 1 month.
  • Replacement Policy: Accessible, but no duration timing is mentioned.
  • Payment Process: PayPal.


  • The site has massive collections of women’s dresses.
  • The website is secured with SSL certifications.
  • Reviews are available.
  • Huge rebate on all products.


  • Very poor ratings on the trust index.
  • Reviews are unverified.
  • Contact number and location are missing.
  • Social accounts are absent.
  • Single payment mode only.
  • Presence of copied content skipped pages and broken links.

Is the site worthy of use?

Legitimacy or reliability determination is the primary aspect when you go online shopping. Read this section of Morelegant Reviews to get an idea.

  • Domain Name: The name is
  • Score on Trust Parameter: The rating is 5%.
  • Address Authenticity: No address is available.
  • Age: The age is 10 months (formation date is 22nd April 2021).
  • Remarks: Feedback is present.
  • Missing Data: Address, phone number.
  • Social Link: Not available.
  • Plagiarism: 26 percent common content and 30 percent piracy content.
  • Operator Details: is the operator.
  • Skipped Page: 176 pages are recognized.
  • Payment Process: Single-mode is available.
  • Broken Links: 66 broken links are available.

Hence, the site comprises a number of flaws and might be suspicious.

What are the consumers’ Morelegant Reviews?

Some of its products got reviews and ratings, which are favorable. But the consumers’ names are hidden. Plus, being active for 10 months, no promotion is done till now as there is no activity or remarks are found on the external platforms.

Moreover, another suspicious fact is no social accounts. The site’s link with community media is zero, as we could not find its presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. So, it’s proven that the site’s credibility is very low. Additionally, read the steps and tricks of getting a refund on credit cards.

Final Verdict:

Is the site reliable? Well, in this ‘Morelegant Reviews article, we found several flaws like poor trust score, unauthorized review, no social link, presence of plagiarism, skipped pages and broken links, etc. So, it’s a suspicious site, according to our research. Also, check the process to receive refunds on PayPal. Is the data on this site helpful? Please mention below.

24 thoughts on “Morelegant Reviews (March 2022) Is The Website Legit?”

  1. I ordered a dress from more on March 1st and charged it to my Visa for $48.99 the order number was 3507. When I place the order it said free return in 30 days if not satisfied. I received the dress March 28th and it was nothing like the ad and didn’t fit good I sent them an email how to get a return and get a refund their reply was just send another size and wanted me to pay postage my second email I said I don’t want another dress I just want my money back guarantee promise when ordered third email from them offered 10% refund keep the dress and and send me a 40% discount on the next purchase they don’t recommend a return it because I would have to pay expensive postage.

    • I wish I had seen your review before I placed an order. I had the SAME experience. Order took more than 30 days to arrive. When it did arrive, the sizing was not even close to accurate and I have never seen such poor quality. I also was expecting the company to honor the posted free return policy. It’s very difficult to find a place to post a custom complaint, too. (Likely an intended strategy on their part.) I am looking into consumer protection options.

      • Hello Jennifer, Yes, other buyers too faced the same issue as you. But, how the same issue of fitting with all? They give reasons and ignore them. But, just need to confirm, if you send by shipping, the coming clothes with being in proper fitting.

    • This exact same thing happened to me. The products they advertise is not what you receive and they won’t let you return it or refund your money. Shameful!

        • I am in the process of trying to return a horrible dress now. First they just wanted to give me a small percentage refund and I get to keep dress. I told them the dress was ugly and didn’t fit so why would I want to keep it. Now they sent me an address in China and I have to pay postage PLUS they are going to subtract postage of sending me the original dress! So much for free returns. The hoops they want you to jump through make you just want to chalk it up to a loss, which of course is exactly what they want you to do. DO NOT order from this company!! Clothes are not what is pictured.

          • Hello Roberta MacRae, It is good you have raised your concern. Could you please share your further experience with us? That would be of great help. Thank you and take care.

  2. I ordered a dress they charged my visa and I never got confirmation number from them got nothing in nurmous messages . Tried setting up account and it just goes blank I think I may have got dupped so I have to call visa and get it investigated.

  3. Hi I settled my order on march 07, and I just got my dresses April 25; neither one of them fitted; and the material is not what the ad said. I don’t want to spend too much sending this back and how long is going to take to get something else. The problem is the size. Could you please tell me what to do? Thank

    • Hello Zoila Maza, check if it comes to your address. Nowadays, they just showcase what they have sent but no actual product reaches the buyer. Please update. Thanks & regards. Be careful. Take care.

  4. Just received a dress from more which is not the dress that was shown on their site. I paid $40 for something that is not even the same style as what was shown on line. It’s the same color and looks like they tried, quite poorly, to imitate what they marketed. I’m going to try to get a refund, but I’m not hopeful because anyone who would pull this trick is certainly dishonest. I feel cheated and disgusted.

    • Hello Z.K. Pryor, Please go through all comments. You will get some idea. Few buyers reached for a refund and got money back. You try this option because it seems they will not send any order.

  5. Terrbible company, their dresses are horrible, nothing like the images, cheap fabric, tacky, would not wear it even if they pay me. NO refunds – unless you want to send it to China and pay fortune. All their reviews 5 star reviews are false, sizes are all wrong and bad reviews are not listed.

    • Hello MRS DANUTA GIBBONS, the scenario indicates they are scammers. Thanks for the update. Try once with PayPal, they can better help you in getting your money back. Please update us. Take care. Thanks.

  6. I too ordered a beautiful dress but received a horrible,ugly dress, not even close to the picture. The delivery took over a month & when I wanted to return it, she wanted me to send it to a factory in China. Not the warehouse in LA Calif, where it came from or “Jane” in NJ, according to the shipping label. This company is a full fledged scam.

  7. I bought 3 dresses – none quite what the website makes you think it will be but for the cost, oh well. One was obviously discolored – I sent pictures and said I’d happily take a replacement if it weren’t discolored. They said they no longer had it in stock. I went back and forth several times (18 emails) with them finally saying I could get back 30% or get a different dress free but for a full refund I would have to return it at my cost to China – even though I had spent enough for free shipping. This is a very bad business idea because I’m filing a claim with my credit card, filing a report of fraud, and basically going to create more grief for them that they could have easily settled by a simple refund. I will blast them with bad reviews whenever I can.

  8. Wow, I wish I looked deeper into reviews instead of reading the lies on their site.
    I to thought I was getting a 2 piece gorgeous pink buttoned dress! Ha, I got a very terrible print of this dress copied into terrible thin, see through material.
    I’ve been arguing with them to get a full refund and like every other complaint here, I was offered 10% money returned and keep the dress!
    I told them no way. So they offered me 40% off a dress! Again I said no.
    Then Alice the respondent tells me that the address is no longer available to return it.
    I’ll fight till I get my money back!
    Nothing but cheating, stealing liars.
    This company is definitely a fraudulent, scamming one!

  9. I have also had an issue with this company or should I say scam company. I bought 2 dresses that were gorgeous in the picture but when I recieved them did not look anything like the advertisement. The quality was horrible. I have sent numerous emails to them with no satisfaction what so ever. They also offered different percentages off and a coupon for a future order. I would never buy from this company again. They also told me I needed to return the items to China, not California where it was sent from. People save your money and your time. Don’t fo business with this company


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