Moon Strawberry 2022 {July} Explore The Timings Here!

This article provides an insight into the Moon Strawberry 2022 and further detail about the Buck moon timings.

Are you aware of the latest moon views that shape like a fruit? Do you know the time to watch super moon 2022? If not, you have just come across the right article to get all the information. After the recent statement by NASA on the super moon, this has become one of the most viral news in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and the Philippines.

In today’s article, we will focus on the full detail of Moon Strawberry 2022. To get more detail, follow the blog below.

All about Super Moon:

The Super Moon, also known as the Strawberry Moon, originates when the moon is 90 of perigee, the nearest point to the earth. Though it is quite rare, while getting its view is quite amazing, the last super moon occurred in June 2022. But for those who missed the glance of the super moon last month, it is a fantastic opportunity to get a view of the super moon again. 

Yes, its true; the super full moon, or, say Moon Strawberry 2022, will occur again from 13th to 15th of July 2022. This full moon is also popular with the name Buck Moon because it is the time of the year when antlers develop on Bucks or male deer.

Timing of strawberry moon:

The view of the super moon or the full moon is quite awesome, and those who have missed the June strawberry moon can again get its view from 13th July 2022. According to NASA, this time, the buck moon can be seen from 13th to 15th July 2022. It will last 3 days this time as Moon Strawberry 2022 is starting from Wednesday morning to Friday morning. This is going to be the brightest moon of this year as the moon will be too close to the earth.

The last super moon was strawberry, but this time the super moon is named the buck moon as the new antlers grow on male deer. This view looks amazing because it is the time when the earth is in aphelion, which is the farthest approach to the sun. If you have failed to get the view of the super full moon, you should watch it this time.

Further details on Moon Strawberry 2022:

The last super full moon was termed the strawberry moon, but this time it is the buck moon which was visible on Wednesday 13th at 02:38 PM EDT. The buck moon is the name coming from the time when the antler rises in male deer or bucks. 

The distance between the earth and the buck moon will be around 3,57,264 km.

The closing statement:

This event of the super full moon offers an amazing view of the moon. This article comes up with all the details, and to know more about buck moon, click on this link.

This article comes up with every detail about the Moon Strawberry 2022 and more about the timing of the Buck moon.

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