Meludick Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Scam Online Site?

Have you seen a site that offers pocket-friendly items like LED gloves? If not, then follow us to find clues of Meludick Reviews.

Are you wondering about gadgets that will clean your kitchen’s sink blockage? If you want to buy them, please check the site’s legitimacy in the post.

Many reports have revealed that women within Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom find tools that ease daily kitchen problems. But, few of them want premium-quality accessories under a pocket-friendly budget. In contrast, many suspicious websites are also present for dubious intentions that might trap customers who want low-cost products. 

So, in this write-up on Meludick Reviews, we will determine its genuineness by studying customers’ opinions. 

Introducing The

The website claims to believe only in uniqueness since they respect and understand every passion for producing supreme items. Also, they have stated that high professional suppliers are in contact with them, dedicated to fulfilling customers’ needs.

They sell custom products suitable to all ages, some of which are cited below:

  • Faucet booster and filter.
  • Anti-collision strips.
  • LED gloves
  • Magic tapes.
  • Head massager.
  • Silicone caulking tools.
  • Sink strainer bags.
  • Bed Sheet holders.

Specifications of the Portal 

  • To find Is Meludick Legit, we have noticed that the site has quoted a company number as 12560187. 
  • The telephone number to reach the company is 442081233186.
  • The official link of the portal is 
  • You can also mail the company via if you have any questions to ask. 
  • Their office address is 344-354 Gray’s Inn Road, London, Greater London, England, WC1X 8BP. 
  • 22-05-2021is the website’s registration date, and it will cease on 22-05-2021.
  • Users can pick the facility of 14 days return policy provided by the company. 
  • The Meludick Reviews has stated that the company’s name is cited as Hymax Company Limited on the’ Contact Us page. 
  • The available payment modes are credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. 
  • You can get a refund within 3-7 working days after the company approves your application. 
  • The site offers numerous shipping methods, including free, standard, VIP, and express, through which your order will be shipped between 3-20 days. 
  • If you want daily update the website, then you can choose their newsletter feature. 
  • The website hasn’t included clues about the delivery policy, which reveals a question Is Meludick Legit?
  • We have noticed social media icons of Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. 
  • offers a free shipping facility if you order above $39. 
  • Data related to exchange policy is not cited. 
  • If you cancel your order before shipping, then you will get a refund.  

What are the Boons Offered by the Site?

  • An average trust rank of 58.5/100 is noted for
  • If you order above $39, then you will get free shipping. 
  • The social media connections are indicated on the homepage.
  • The company’s Facebook page is present, which we found during our research.
  • Considering the Meludick Reviews, customer ratings and reviews are seen on the website. 
  • Newsletter feature is noticed to know the website’s recent news. 

Disadvantages of

  • 1% trust score is cited.
  • No delivery and exchange policy information is quoted.
  • Most products have 5-star ratings and positive reviews, imparting suspicion.

Is Meludick Fake?

  • Domain Age- It is a 6-month-old site. 
  • Trust Score- The trust index is very low, which creates suspicion. 
  • Alexa Rank- 1600031 is the site’s Alexa rank.
  • Policies- All are present except the delivery and exchange policy. 
  • Social media icons- Available, but are inactive. But we found the Facebook page of this website during our research.
  • Owner’s name- Unavailable. 
  • Discounts- All products have a 50% discount. 

Customer’s Meludick Reviews 

Upon analyzing the Internet, we have failed to extract any reviews related to the site or of its products. Also, the absence of customer ratings is noted on Trustpilot. 

Moreover, we have seen that over their Facebook page, users have stated their query regarding the buying process, but the company hasn’t replied yet. Also, the social link to Instagram and Pinterest are broken. In addition, all the products on the site have a 5-stars rating and positive reviews, which has raised many questions about their authenticity. 

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Through this write-up on Meludick Reviews, we have shed highlights on its services to know whether it is reliable or not. 

Also, the site has a Facebook page that has a few unanswered customer queries by the company. Despite having a good trust rank, it has failed to flourish its products since it has invalid Instagram and Pinterest icons. Moreover, it has not gained any reviews after its six months establishment, which makes it questionable. Read here if credit card scams have fooled you.

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17 thoughts on “Meludick Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Scam Online Site?”

  1. I haven’t received my order either so looks to be a total scam. If I get my order by today I will take this bad review back but it’s not looking good being that it says it was relieved on the 20th and it wasn’t.

    • Hello Amber Garrett, sad to hear such incidents are taking place frequently. Please update us if you receive your order. Let other buyers know what exactly is the scene with the portal. Be careful when you do online transactions. Take care. Thanks.

  2. I placed an order with Meludick on Nov. 28th and never received my product. I have been asking for a refund with no response. I believe I have been scammed by Meludick.

  3. Terrible company. Order items almost two months ago and still have not received. Tried you use the contact me only to be sent tracking number with no response. Horrible customer service and apparently a scam to take your money. I will continue to report this company.

    • Hello Diona Johnson, two months back and still no reply. It seems they are cheaters. Don’t wait and go for a refund. Check with the payment company to get your money back. However, you paid for it, contact them. Please let us know. Regards. Take care.

    • Hello Amy, When was the order placed? Any response from them regarding the tracking number? You can check for a refund option. The payment company can help you to get your money back. Reach them soon and update them here. Take care. Thanks.

  4. I bought the “magic tape” which was much smaller than the advertised one. The packaging was terrible and the tape didn’t work. I tried to get a refund and emails went back and forth with no refund being the result, even though they said they did.
    It looks like they’ve changed their name to “Inquiryft”. Total scam in my opinion, should have gone with my gut and not ordered

    • Hello shannon brown, we feel sad, you have not received the order, irrespective of sending several emails. It can be suggested to try for a refund. The payment company will guide you. Please let us know. Thanks. Take care.

  5. I’ve sent my 4th email to this company. Placed order on November 30th – for sadly over $270.00. Received a tracking number and the tracking site doesn’t work. Emailed them for an answer – they answered both times with some weird tracking information that initially says it was shipped and then says the tracking number “doesn’t exist.” Never a personal email from anyone in particular – just unusual tracking information. I just sent them another, requesting/demanding they check by my order # – which I had done initially. I also requested a refund but looking at their refund guidelines, it states they cannot refund if it never shipped. The “weird” tracking information they provided shows initial shipping – feel like this is a total scam and I will have to go to my credit card company and look at options unless I hear back in the next few days. Disappointed – was excited about what I ordered for Christmas gifts. I’d be interested to know if anyone dealing with this ordered off a Facebook ad vs. their website?

    • Hi Lori Banker-Horner, Hope you are safe and well. This is high time that the order was placed a long back, you should go and check for a refund with your credit card company. Do let us know next. Take care.

  6. Finally received my Welcome to Our Home signs which I ordered months ago. The advertisement showed a large man holding a big sign with the pumpkin in his hand that looked as large as his hand. In reality this is a very small sign, it is not wood, with tiny holiday exchangeable figures that do not even fill up the “O” space. 3 signs for $90 and if as advertised would be a good deal, these 3 are pitiful. A total scam.

    • Hello Becky Caine, we feel sad, you have not received the same as advertised. Thanks for the update. Buyers check the above review to know the exact scenario. Be aware and alert. Thanks & regards. Take care.


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