Melb Uni Suicide {April 2022} Find The Real Fact Here!

The purpose of this article is to raise awareness about the increasing rate of Melb Uni Suicide so that you can understand the importance of mental health.

Have you heard about the rising number of suicides at Melbourne University? The increasing rate of suicide among the students of one of the most reputed universities in Australia is indeed alarming. People who are associated with this institution, whether staff, students, or the guardians and acquaintances of the students, everyone is concerned about it.

If you also want to know everything about this issue, do not turn this page as we will discuss some important aspects regarding Melb Uni Suicide cases.

What Is This Issue All About?

The Melbourne University in Australia is seeing an increased tendency of suicide among its students. As per research conducted by the Coroners Prevention Unit, the University has witnessed a series of suicides of 47 students in the past decade. This number is quite alarming and has raised concern among everyone since its publication.

There are some facts found about these suicide cases. 

  • All of these 47 students were international students
  • Maximum of them were under 24 years of age
  • 70% of the students who committed Melb Uni Suicide were male

The University and all the people associated with this organization are devasted by the increasing rate of suicides, and they are eager to find out what is the reason behind it. Most parents are now scared to send their children abroad for study purposes.

What Are the Possible Reasons?

The Authority and all the concerned people are putting their best effort to find out the reason behind it and to stop this trend. As a result of these efforts, some facts are revealed. With regard to these 47 Melb Uni Suicide cases, some common reasons have come forward, including solitude, study stress, financial pressure, homesickness, etc. 

But the sum of all these reasons only indicates a single problem which is poor mental health. Due to this poor mental health, the students are unable to handle these pressures, and this is the reason they are prone to surrender easily. Awareness about the importance of mental well-being and the value of life is the only way to help these people. There are problems in everyone’s life, but only people with pure mental health cannot endure them.

How Did Melb Uni Suicide Cases Come on Headlines?

This serious issue was a reason of concern for a long time, but it came into the limelight after Audrey Jamieson published her report on the death case of a Vietnamese student, Nguyen Pham Dinh Le.

Along with publishing her report, the Coroner also called for action to address this issue. The University itself offers counselling and psychological services free of cost and in a confidential manner.  


Taking one’s own life cannot be a solution to any problem. If you or any of your acquaintances are facing a mental crisis like the victims of Melb Uni Suicide, kindly seek help which is nowadays easily available. Here you can gather more details on these suicide cases

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