Maximus Human Services Scam: What Is It? Are Reviews Available for This Portal? Check Now!

The recent Maximus Human Services Scam is discussed here to inform the targeted people to remain conscious and take action for vulnerability.

Are you worried about the insecurity of your private information? A recent scam targeted the Human Services of Maximus, making people across the United States and many other places concerned about breaching their private information.

Many users experienced devastating consequences when their data was breached due to the prevalent Maximus-associated scam. So, get into the in-depth facts we provide through this post on Maximus Human Services Scam.

Disclaimer: We alert people through our posts about the prevalent and emerging scams to help them avoid them and how to protect their data without endorsing the services or the platform.

Is there a prevalent scam of Maximus Human Services?

Hackers circulated a recent fraudulent scheme, making people believe that the scheme is associated with Maximus Human Services. Vulnerable individuals are often targeted by the scam related to Maximus. People who seek assistance from different social services are the primary target of the scammers.

They exhibit themselves as the company’s official representatives and promise to support and aid the people looking for social services.

What Is Maximus Human Services?

Maximum Homan Services is experienced in delivering, developing, and designing impactful and innovative human and health service programs. They strive to improve and strengthen communities and individuals’ lives.

Maximus Human Services is a top-notch worldwide provider of human and health services founded in 1975 and has more than 39,000 employees. The annual revenue of the organization is about 4.25 billion dollars.

Maximus Human Services Reviews:

Limited reviews are present for Maximus Human Services, with 2.9 stars from two reviews, making it an average service provider. Viewers have complained about luring applicants through Indeed and other job source sites.

People who commented for Maximus Human Services do not recommend it to others. Many have mentioned its customer support as disrespectful, terrible, and condescending. Therefore, believing in Maximus Human Services without in-depth research would not prove fruitful.

Maximus Human Services Scam:

Maximus Human Services is alerting its users after the vulnerability significantly impacted the company. The company has sent letters to individuals to assist them in explaining the breach and the actions to take in response to vulnerability.

Nearly 612,000 Medicare recipients were impacted by the data breach, including Maximus users. This Moveit Application data breach has posed risks as it impacted private information. The private information impacted was financial, passwords, usernames, and other sensitive data.

Therefore, you must immediately take action to prevent your data and sensitive private information from further potential harm.

Is Maximus Human Services safe?

The following aspects of Maximus Human Services can help you determine about the service provider’s authenticity:

  • Online site rank- 100/100
  • Global rank- 63,252 (down by 4,636)
  • Categorical rank- 338 (down by 32)
  • Country rank- 11,504 (down by 964)
  • Trustscores- 100/100
  • Website registration- March 30, 1995
  • Website update date- February 2, 2023
  • Website expiry date- March 31, 2024

Therefore, Maximus Human Services Scam facts must be evaluated when dealing with the health and medical service provider. Learn How to Get a Refund on Paypal, If Scammed.

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Maximus Human Services, serving people for over forty years, was recently in the news for the prevalent scam. The recent vulnerability of the services was associated with the data breach, stealing their private and personal information. Find out How to Get a Refund on Credit Card, If Scammed.

The service provider that claims to extend its support for various social services has alerted people to prevent them from scanning and immediately take action.

Have you experienced the scam of Maximus Human Services? Share if you immediately took the necessary action advised and prevented your data.

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