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Matthew Stafford is an NFL player who got fame in United States and Canada, and first played for the Detroit Lions and later was a quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams. He started his NFL career in 2009 when he got signed by the Detroit Lions. Currently, he is playing for the Los Angeles Rams.

Matthew Stafford Net Worth made him the highest-paid NFL player of 2017. Forbes even listed him as the highest-paid athlete in 2018. Later, he was listed among the top 10 highest-paid athletes globally. This article will know about Matthew Stafford, his journey, and his net worth.

About Matthew Stafford

John Matthew Stafford has aced his name in countries like the United States and Canada, known for his game. Starting from Detroit Lions and now in Los Angeles Rams, he has made several records in his career.

Matthew Stafford Net Worth has reached its peak in the current time. He signed a six-year contract with the Detroit Lions in the amount of 41.7 million dollars. Again, the contract was extended for three years. Later, with a massive 135 million dollars, the contract was extended. When Los Angeles Rams decided to sign him, he was offered 115.727 million dollars for a four years deal.

His personal life

Matthew Stafford was born on 7th February 1988. Started playing football in college, where he met Kelly Hall. She was a cheerleader for the team. Then they got married in 2015. They have all four daughters, out of which two are twins. 

What is Matthew Stafford Net Worth 2022

Currently, Stafford’s Net worth is estimated at around 80 million dollars. His annual earnings include approximately 17 million dollars and 2 million dollars through various endorsements.

After he signed an extension contract with Detroit, he became the highest-paid player in the National Football League. He endorsed various brands like PepsiCo, fanatics, Ford Motor, etc. He earns well around 2 million dollars per year. Recently, Matthew and his wife have donated 1 million dollars to the education Foundation of Detroit.

Break- up of his earnings

According to the Matthew Stafford Net Worth, his earnings has been as follows:

Year Source Duration Contract Price

(In dollars) 

Signing Bonus

(In dollars) 

2009-2015 Detroit Lions 6 years 72 million
2013-2017 Detroit Lions 3 years 53 million 27.5 million
2017-2021 Detroit Lions 5 years 135 million 50 million
2021 Los Angeles Rams 4 years 115.727 million 10 million


John Matthew Stafford has achieved quite a lot of success, from his professional life to his successful path. After playing phenomenally as a QB, he has won several awards for his game. He has even been at the top of the list for one of the highest-paid players in the NFL.

In this article, we have learnt about Matthew Stafford Net WorthIt has been estimated as his current net worth is around 80 million dollars. If you want to know more about him, you can go to this link .

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