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Scroll down the article and learn about Maryland Deathfest Suicide, held every year in North America.

Have you heard about the deathfest? Heavy metals of different ranges are involved in the music death fest. Firstly, it was started in Maryland and Baltimore, but now it has become pretty common and held in different parts of the world. It’s one of the biggest festivals in the United States. Every day a new extreme has been set. 

Through this post, we will get to know more about the death festival and discuss in detail the lineups of Maryland Deathfest Suicide that is going to take place. 

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Does Angel Morbid not perform a self committed death? 

One of the lineups added to the 2022 session is Decide; they will perform their album from 1992, legion, on their 30th anniversary for the first time in Maryland death fest 2022. Whereas many are not performing in death fest like morbid Angel, they said they would not perform in MDF or any other shows looking at the current weather. 

Different bands from the world take part in this festival, varying in the subgenre of heavy metal. Thirty-five or more countries and 700 bands participated in the festival. 

Maryland Deathfest 2022

The Maryland death fest will take place in Baltimore from 26th to 29th May 2022. Further updates have been announced on the occasion of the fest. A lot more bands have been added to the death fest, which are Hypocrisy, Hell hammer, Acid witch, Blood incantation, Carcass, Graveyard, and so on. 

After covid restrictions are lifted, this is the first fest conducted, and it could also be the last, as per the statement of the founder of Maryland death fest, that no fest will be organized in the year 2023. 

Why is Maryland Deathfest Suicide been trending? 

Maryland Deathfest is one of the most popular topics in discussion nowadays. It was canceled due to Covid-19 in 2020 but is now coming back this year and raising the people’s excitement. Also, the new bands performing Profanatica, Immolation, Sulfuric Cautery, and Akhlys are raising a lot of buzz and excitement. 

Details about the death fest 

Deathfest is a kind of fest in which extreme metals are involved. Bands from all over the world participate in it. It was started in 2003 by Evan Harting and Ryan Taylor. It is mainly called the Maryland Deathfest 2022 also known as MDF is celebrated widely in Maryland, Baltimore, during the weekend of Memorial Day. 

Note: All of the contents of this article are entirely based on internet and media’s research. 

The Last Words

People are going through extreme excitement for the deathfest. The schedule and other details have been announced. This year, many new things and themes will also add, creating a buzz among the people worldwide. 

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