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Are you scrolling down videos on your social media account? Do you get interested in watching videos on social platforms? If you are the one that does so, then you must have heard about the latest sensational video of a police officer. It is reaching many social media users in the United States.

People are further digging into this news for the Maegan Hall Police VideoThey are curious to know more about Maegan Hall and the truth behind this viral clip. Check down to reveal the entire video below.

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The complete viral clip of Maegan Hall

Maegan Hall, a police officer in Tennessee, the video shows that she was having an inappropriate activity with six other fellow police officers on duty. This video of Maegan unclothing and being intimate became Viral On Reddit.However, it is removed from here.

Maegan Hall’s detailed investigation report wasreleased on 28th December 2022. She was then terminated due to inappropriate activity at the police station. 

Report of Maegan Hall’s case

The investigation of the Maegan Hall case started after a passionate police officer named La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole got a clue regarding her indecent activity with fellow officers. This investigation started on 12th December 2022.

However, the original report is not released on any platform like Telegram. After a thorough investigation, the report confirmed that she had an inappropriate activity with six other officers and a few more supported and indulged in it. 

Who were the police officers involved in the viral video clip?

The viral footage of police officers getting close to each other involves seven cops (including Maegan) from LaVergne, Tennessee, police station. All seven of them got immediate termination orders. Therefore, it started raising attention in TikTok

The police officers involved in this footage are the many female cops named Maegan Hall, and the other male officers’ names are as follows.

  • Lewis Powell
  • Patrick Magliocco
  • Juan Lugo Perez
  • Larry Holladay
  • Ty McGowan
  • Seneca Shields

Besides these names, a few more officers were revealed and suspended from their posts. 

Maegan Hall was a married woman. She got tremendous accusations on Twitter for keeping an extramarital affair in her workplace. Her husband, Jedidiah Hall, is standing in support of her in this controversial time. However, few reports claim that he is also involved in the scandal.

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Maegan Hall’s video clip is not shared in any Instagram post. So, there is no link available for this platform.


Maegan Hall had an extramarital affair with multiple fellow cops at her police station. Her footage with this cop is gaining attention due to its dramatic and inappropriate visuals. However, this footage reality check is still under investigation.


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Maegan Hall Police Video –FAQ

Q1. Who is Maegan Hall?

She is a Tennessee police officer 

Q2. What was the video footage?

The footage shows the inappropriate relationship between Maegan Hall and other cops in the police station.

Q3. How many police officers were involved?


Q4. What actions were taken against all the officers?

All six were terminated immediately.

Q5. What was her husband’s name?

Jedidiah Hall 

Q6. What is the accusation on Maegan Hall?

She is accused of an extramarital affair and inappropriate activity at the police station.

Q7. Is it available on Youtube?

Original video is not available. Though people are gathering the updates and sharing them with their viewers

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