Lux Estate NFT {Feb} Find Price, Volume, Wallet Details!

This research on Lux Estate NFT will guide you about this Metaverse, what is included in this NFT and what you all can do in it.

Are you aware of what exactly is Metaverse, NFTs? If not, this article will provide you with all the knowledge regarding these terms. Investors in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are investing in Cryptocurrency and NFT and gaining a huge profit margin.

Now, what is Lux Estate NFT? Many people are aware, but only some invest in this crypto, NFTs and all. So, please read this article to know about it. This article will update you on the topics that haven’t gained the required attention.

What is Metaverse?

Since then, Facebook has changed its name to Meta, so Mark Zuckerberg wanted to create the world of virtual experiences. Metaverse is an interoperable virtual experience where you can create your 3D avatars and live a second life. It is a world where your avatars can meet other virtual avatars; you can go to a shopping complex, play games, and do everything to get fun. 

What is Lux Estate NFT?

Lux is nothing but the Real Estate AR/PC/VR- based Metaverse. It is available on Solana. You can take advantage of living in a virtual residence. You can play games, visit a shopping complex, and stay in the world to earn experience digital events, and everything is developed in virtual reality. There are 5,000 items included in the Lux Estate. There are multiple featured projects in the NFT.

The current price of Lux Estate is found to be 2.5 SOL on February 4, 2022. We could also see some tweets related to Lux Estate NFT on Twitter. 

Volumes and Wallet available on Lux Estate

The information on total volume and twenty-four volume is mentioned in this section. 

  • Total Volume: 4,941,878 SOL
  • Volume (24 hour): 112,463 SOL

Furthermore, we would like to inform you about the wallets available in this NFT. There are many wallets available: 

  • Clover
  • Slope
  • MathWallet
  • Ledger
  • Phantom
  • Solong
  • Solflare
  • Sollet

The people desperately want to have the virtual experience in the Metaverse. You can connect through these Wallets available. You can find the most convenient option available to you. It must be used carefully in Lux Estate NFT

Other Featured projects in NFT

There are many other projects by Solana in the NFT. Solana is one of the leading Cryptocurrency, and it has many projects besides Lux Estate. These projects are:

  • Solana P Society
  • The EUNOIA
  • Solizens
  • Solana Monkey Business
  • Abstratica
  • Solana souls
  • Flunk Donkeys
  • Solbulls
  • Cool beans
  • Panda street
  • Cyber Samurai

All these projects are recommendable and have gained publicity. You can search for any projects if you are interested in any projects. You can get complete details on it on the online sites. Also, the price varies for each project.


In this article, we informed you about the Metaverse, and Lux Estate NFT, so people who are unaware of these terms may find every detail in this article, and it will help you. Please visit this link to know more about LUX NFT. 

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