Lung Cancer in Germany: How Expensive It Is to Treat?

Lung cancer treatment in Germany gives a real chance for recovery. People who have not received sufficient treatment in their homeland often become patients of German hospitals. At the early stages, lung tumors can be removed entirely, and the disease can be defeated. New methods of diagnosis and treatment used by German specialists are effective even for patients with advanced stages of oncology.

German approaches to lung cancer treatment

The choice of treatment regimen depends on the type of lung cancer and the stage of the oncological process.

The surgical method is chosen for non-small cell cancer without metastases. Physicians make sure that a patient does not have contraindications to the intervention. In addition, it is essential to understand whether the patient’s respiratory system will be able to function normally after removing a part or a whole lung.

Types of radiation therapy used for lung cancer treatment include brachytherapy, proton therapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).

Chemotherapy for lung cancer is used in combination with other treatments. It is indicated if metastases have developed. Chemo is a good option if surgery is not possible and the tumor does not respond to radiation.

Innovative treatment methods for lung cancer in Germany include:

  • Cryotherapy. The method involves freezing cancer cells. It is used if surgery is impossible for medical indications.
  • Immunotherapy. Modern immunotherapy medications help the body to detect and destroy cancer cells.
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery. It allows treating small lung tumors without incisions, with precisely directed radiation.
  • Embolization. Drugs are injected into the tumor vessel, after which the vessel is blocked.
  • Targeted therapy. Drugs identify molecular targets connected with the malignant process.

In Germany, the statistics for survival is among the best in Europe, so undergoing therapy there is a real chance for a complete cure or a significant life prolongation.

How expensive is lung cancer treatment in Germany?

Treatment for lung cancer in Germany costs depend on the stage of lung pathology, presence of distant metastases and complications, and patient’s general health condition. The price is also affected by the volume of medical care, the need for innovative methods, and the duration of hospital stay. The exact cost is calculated individually for each patient after reviewing medical records and selecting a treatment program.

Costs also vary depending on the type of healthcare facility and physician’s qualification (e.g. treatment by Head Physician of the department will be more expensive). Being higher than in Asian countries, the cost of oncology treatment in Germany is still lower than in Switzerland or the USA.

On average, lung cancer treatment with embolization (or chemoembolization) costs 23,895 EUR, treatment with surgical resection costs 16,112 EUR, and treatment with radiotherapy costs 15,800 EUR.

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How to organize lung cancer treatment in Germany?

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