Lowescheap Reviews {June} Is This Site A Scam Or Not?

Lowescheap Online Website Reviews

Are you interested in learning about the Lowescheap Reviews? Then, read this article and find other details too.

Did you just come across lowescheap.com while online shopping? It is rational of you to ask all these questions, and you must not worry because we are here to help you in the same. 

Whether you are from Canada, the United States, or another country, you need to read the reviews, customer policies, and other details of an online shopping website before placing your order. Today, we will talk about Lowescheap.com and discuss Lowescheap Reviews in detail. 

What is Lowescheap.com?

Lowescheap.com is an online shopping store dealing in wood sheds, storage sheds, plastic sheds, bike sheds, and other amazing sheds that will give you the extra space you need in your backyard. 

The website organizes a sale for Lowe’s unclaimed orders from last year. They are offering discounts of 80% and more. The website is said to be related to Lowe’s by using its logo and pictures, but we couldn’t find any concrete proof. 

All the details and specifications of the products are available on the website. Therefore, you can easily browse through the same and find the perfect product. However, Is Lowescheap Legit? Keep reading to find out more! You can contact the company for any further queries about products or orders. 

Specifications of Lowescheap.com

Here are some worth noting details and policies about lowescheap.com. You must check them out. 

  • URL: https://www.lowescheap.com/ 
  • Domain age: Registered by its owners on 16 May 2022, this website’s domain age is 25 days only. 
  • Category: storage sheds, bike sheds, tool sheds, wood sheds, and more 
  • Phone number: no contact number is provided on the website
  • Email address: service@ratotel.com 
  • Company address: 1519 Laurel Street, Palatka, Florida, United States, Ayesha Leonard, U.S.A.
  • Working hours: in the Lowescheap Reviews article, we inform you that this company operates from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM from Monday to Friday.
  • Social media icons present: no social media accounts are linked on the website. However, social media icons to share product details are present. 
  • Shipping and delivery policy: this company offers worldwide shipping of its products, except in a few countries. Order processing time is 7 days, and International Standard Shipping time is estimated to be 3-5 days. An email is shared to check the order status. 
  • Accepted payment methods: credit or debit cards only 
  • Return policy: in the Lowescheap Reviews article, we inform you that this company follows a strict 14-day return policy. The items must be returned in unused and original condition. 
  • Refund policy: the company notifies via email about the rejection or approval of the refund request. The amount will automatically be credited within a certain number of days if approved. 

Pros of Lowescheap.com

Here are some benefits of shopping online at lowescheap.com: 

  • It offers huge discounts on products.
  • There is a wide variety of products to choose from. 
  • The website is customer-friendly. 

Cons of Lowescheap.com

Here are some negative details about lowescheap.com: 

  • No customer reviews available
  • Contains plagiarized content
  • Fake contact details

Is Lowescheap Legit?

  • Domain age: 25 days only 
  • Domain Expiration date: 16 May 2023
  • Trust score: 60% 
  • Trust Rank: not available 
  • Alexa rank: not available 
  • Plagiarized content: we found out that most of the content posted on this website is copied from other websites. 
  • Customer policies: the company has detailed its policies on the website. 
  • Customer Feedback: No trustworthy customer reviews are available
  • About Us page: no details about the company are given. 
  • Address’s originality: the given address is fake as we have found other scam websites use the same company address. 
  • Owner’s information: no such information is revealed
  • Unrealistic discounts: the company offers unrealistic discounts of up to 80% off. 

Lowescheap Reviews

As mentioned above, no trustable customer reviews are available online for lowescheap.com. However, the website has a user evaluation section on its home page. 

Most of these reviews are positive and praise the company’s products; however, we cannot verify the authenticity of these reviews. And therefore, we cannot consider them in our evaluation. Also, learn how to stay protected from online PayPal Scams! 

Final Verdict:

In today’s article, we saw that lowescheap.com claims to be a clearance sale store for the popular Lowe’s company. However, we have no proof of a connection between the two companies. 

Furthermore, no trustable Lowescheap Reviews are available on the Internet, and the website has a low domain age. Therefore, we do not recommend this website selling sheds for online shopping. Also, learn how to stay protected from online Credit Card Scams! 

Do you have anything to share about lowescheap.com? Please comment below!

4 thoughts on “Lowescheap Reviews {June} Is This Site A Scam Or Not?

    1. Hello Shayna Grimes, We feel very bad to hear such incidents. Did you try to trace through tracking number? Try if you can, else reach out for a refund. No other option. Hope you get your product. Thanks for the update. Be cautious. Take care.

  1. So what is the scam exactly? They just take your money and not send you the product? If that’s the case can’t people simply file a dispute with the credit card company and get their money back? What am I missing?

    I fell for this as well as of last week and haven’t gotten anything since the first order, but I also don’t see the charge on my credit card. So I am not sure what is going on.

    1. Hello Kay, we feel good, you tried and received a refund. Buyers, check the reviews and make sure about the genuineness. Thanks for the suggestion. Be aware every time. Take care.

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