Liger Wordle {July} Grab Hints For The Latest Puzzle!

This article contains all information about Liger Wordle and all about the hints and gameplay. If you find it helpful, then follow for more.

This game has successfully attracted a million people worldwide; this has become a mania in the world of games. Do you know wordle 390 answer? Do you know this game is widely played in Australia and India? Do you want to try this out? Have you ever wondered why it became so famous? Is there something interesting in it, and if yes, then what? Do you know how to play this? Well, don’t worry; just read this article on Liger Wordle till the end to relax your curiosity.

Wordle 390 answer and hints-

Maybe you have thought something else, or maybe you are right about the answer, many people put their whole effort and unfortunately sometimes the answer doesn’t come out to be the one you are thinking, so today wordle answer is LIVER.

Let’s have an eye over the following hints

  • The word refers to an organ in your abdomen involved in metabolic processes.
  • No word in the wordle is repeated twice.
  • The word’s originates from our old English, a lifer.

Do you, too, confuse it with Liger Wordle? Well, don’t worry, you are not alone here; everybody gets confused sometimes? Well, this answer doesn’t seem to be a tough one. But surely needed some knowledge about the organs and human anatomy.

Details about wordle game and gameplay-

Wordle is a famous game that involves solving a mystery using hints. It was developed by welsh software; here, you are given 5 boxes which you have to fill using the correct guesses you have to make after going through all the hints to understand better. Before telling the answer, people thought it to be Liger Wordle.

Let’s understand the gameplay

  • Players will get six attempts and have to solve a five-word wordle
  • Enter your guesses on the keyboard
  • The color will change, which makes the game sorted and easy to play.
  • If the color turns green, it means that you guess it right
  • If the color turns out to be yellow, then your word is correct but not placed right.
  • If the color turns out to be Gray, it means that you entered the wrong word.

Wordle provides daily mystery and helps users understand and learn new words.

Was the Liger Wordle tough when solved?

Well, it’s not that much, but if someone does not have the basic knowledge of human anatomy and the terms related to that, then for them it may be tough as it requires brain and effort when solved, then most of us were like we didn’t expect this to be the answer.


The correct answer to wordle 14, July 2022 wordle 390 was liver, while most of us were assuming it to be Liger, but that’s ok. This happens when most of us get stuck on some wordles; this article provides all the information about Liger Wordle 390 answers and gameplay. For more information about wordle, just click on it.

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