Letsfit IW2 Review {Jan 2022} Read It Before Order!

We bring you all facts about a smartwatch and a fitness tracker from the LetsFit brand. Read the Letsfit iw2 Review below.

Are you looking for a fitness tracker that works with Android and iOS? Would you like to buy a smartwatch that also has features of a fitness tracker? Do you wish to buy a smartwatch online in the United States? Are you an athlete (or) a sports and outdoor activity lover? Would you like to monitor calories burned, heart rate, Etc?

Before buying a smartwatch with fitness tracker features, we advise you to read Letsfit iw2 Review.


Letsfit-IW2 is a smartwatch that can be paired with your Android (or) iOS smartphones. It has a large screen 1.55 inch HD display with 320×360 resolution. It can track up to ten sports modes to let you know about calories burned, distance traveled, count of steps and active minutes. 

It has a heartbeat monitor that shows the minimum and the maximum number of heartbeats per minute and alerts you when your heartbeat is not normal. It features a sleep tracker to help you monitor your sleep hours, sleep schedule and different stages of your sleep. Spo2 technology measures Blood Oxygen Saturation. 

Letsfit iw2 Review on how to use it?

  • Install the LetsFit app on your smartphone
  • Switch on the Bluetooth on Letsfit-IW2 and your smartphone to pair the device
  • From your smartphone, you can activate and deactivate call alerts, message alerts and notifications
  • You can enable and disable media permission from the LetsFit app on your smartphone


  • Buy Letsfit-IW2 at: https://letsfit.com/products/letsfit-iw2-smart-watch-1-55-retina-touchscreen-24-7-heart-rate-spo2-monitor
  • Original Price: $69.99
  • Price after discount: 64.99, 7% discount
  • Model No: IW2
  • Brand: LetsFit
  • Connectivity: via Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery power: 260 mAh
  • Screen size: 1.55 Inch TFT LCD display
  • Working Temperature: from Zero℃ to Forty-five℃
  • Letsfit iw2 Review on Working Volts: 5 V-500 mA
  • Waterproof Rating: Up to 50 meters at 5ATM rating
  • Weight: 38 grams
  • Standby time: approximately 30 days
  • Working Time: approximately 10 days working time
  • Guarantee: 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Warranty: 18 months


  • Letsfit-IW2 is available in seven different colours to suit your style
  • Letsfit-IW2 comes at a lower cost compared to branded smartwatches and gives all the features of a branded fitness tracker
  • Control music, take calls, monitor health and view notifications without the need to grab your phone


  • The strap of Letsfit-IW2 is not durable as ascertained from Letsfit iw2 Review
  • When compared to branded fitness trackers, Letsfit-IW2 is not accurate

Is Letsfit-IW2 effective and Valued?

As you are now aware of the overall features, advantages and disadvantages of Letsfit-IW2, let’s also review the brand and utility of Letsfit-IW2.

About the brand:

  • LstsFit.com has been active on the internet since January 2010
  • However, Letsfit was launched in 2017 in the United States
  • LetsFit.com is registered in China, one of the high-risk country
  • LetsFit.com gets an average trust score of 40%
  • LetsFit.com gets a medium Alexa ranking of 413,986 
  • LetsFit manufactures several products related to health and fitness according to Letsfit iw2 Review

About the product:

  • Letsfit-IW2 is sold on several shopping sites.
  • Letsfit has a great presence on social media like Instagram, FB and Youtube, with more than 2,98,235 followers.
  • LetsFit has observed sharp growth in sales from 2018
  • LetsFit smartwatches were ranked among the top five in the US

Letsfit-IW2 is a good alternative for people looking for fitness trackers at a low cost that can be paired up with iOS and Android devices. LetsFit brand is authentic due to its multinational presence and long-time existence.

Customer Reviews:

LetsFit is rated 4.1/5 stars on Facebook. There are several Letsfit iw2 Review on YouTube giving positive feedback about Letsfit-IW2. Several reviews on shopping sites and over the internet give a 4.5/5 star rating to Letsfit-IW2. 

Product reviews are present on letsfit.com, giving a 4.7/5 star rating. However, all the reviews on letsfit.com are positive, and only 18 reviews are present. Hence, such reviews are not reliable. 

Few negative reviews show that customers could not find options for operating Letsfit-IW2 effectively. Hence, read about the Legitimacy of the Product.


Letsfit-IW2 is a legitimate product as thousands of customers had received the delivery of the product and posted their Letsfit iw2 Review and feedback on social media and the internet. LetsFit.com is a legitimate website and brand due to the average Alexa Score and Trust score, long time multinational presence. However, LetsFit.com is only suggested for experienced internet users due to the average trust index.

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