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The research shows the information on Legendary Leader Astd and other details about their characters and codes.

Roblox has been a mood-changing gaming platform for every gamer. People in the United States who were not even interested in gaming are now die-hard fans of this game. This game has been loved by millions of gamers.

Legendary Leader Astd in the Roblox has been one of the most discussed topics among gamers. But very few gamers are aware of it, but not every gamer who is playing Roblox is familiar with this term.

What is Astd?

Astd stands for All-Star Tower Defense in the Roblox, where any gamer can contribute to it. You can discover, add and share your knowledge on this platform. It has different categories of characters. It has a 6-star character list who are named as:

  • Orange Head
  • Shield Master
  • ZIO
  • Shirtless Devil
  • Kura
  • Lightning Bolt

These are the 6-star characters of all-star tower defense. There are many other categories included in this astd in Roblox.

Legendary Leader Astd

The Naruto Shippuden anime series has been the most viewed and loved anime series of all time. Their characters have made a home in many hearts. Based on one such character named Madara Uchiha, the legendary leader is also a hybrid 6-star type unit. It is based off Madara Uchiha and can be gained from Christmas Box III. Now, you might be thinking about how you can obtain this Christmas Box. 

Here, we will describe all the tactics to acquire this box. You can get this box at Hero Summon, which is very difficult to obtain. There is a 2% chance to obtain this box. Legendary Leader Astd is only acquired if you have collected Christmas Box III in the Roblox.

Astd Codes

Multiple codes have been launched for this year. We are sharing all these codes in our article. Following are the current and upcoming codes of astd along with their rewards mentioned beside them: 

  • world2comingsoon: reward is 250 gems and gold.
  • astdx2022: 500 gems, Ice queen, 1000 gold 
  • merrychristmas2k21: EXP IV 1000 gems and gold
  • winterbreakwhen: 250 gem and golds
  • december2021: 300 gems and 500 gold
  • ASTDDevs: Exp IV 500 gems and gold, 

All these rewards are listed in the astd list of the codes and can be used until they are active. Once these codes are expired, you can’t use them. We discussed a lot on Legendary Leader Astd; there are a lot more to discuss.

The strongest character in Astd

It is believed that the strongest and the fastest character in the astd is Broly. Its range is 25; its SPA is 5, the damage is 26, and it cost $500. Its movement is so fast that it could dash forward, jump up, and slam down the enemy.


As per our research on Astd, we came to know a lot about the characters of astd. We also shared information about their codes. The information we gathered has been shared here and will help you greatly. This link shows more details on Legendary Leader 

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