Leaf Stone Legends Arceus {Feb} Acquire It For Evolution

In today’s post, we will discuss the Leaf Stone Legends Arceus game, how to get it and use it for the evolution of pokemon.

Have you started playing Pokémon Legends Arceus? So, as of now, you must be aware of various evolutionary items. Since its release, players in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia are eagerly looking for a guide on evolving different Pokémon.

Also, the game is now famous for a variety of evolutionary stones that can be used for many Pokémon. Likewise, today we will discuss the Leaf Stone Legends Arceus how to get it and use it.

What is Pokémon Legends Arceus?

It is an action role-playing video game series on Pokémon available on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED and Nintendo Switch Lite. Here, you will get an exceptional adventure while exploring the Hisui region with your favouritePokémon partner.

In addition, in this game, there are newly discovered Pokémon added. Also, Nintendo Switch has added many items to the Pokémon Franchise.

If we talk about Leaf Stone, it has been in the Pokémon series from the first generation and appeared again in the Legend Arceus.

Pokémon that uses Leaf Stone Legends Arceus for evolution:

Pokémon that uses Leaf Stone for evolution are Eevee and HisuianVoltorb. After being exposed to Leaf Stone evolution, these Pokémon turned into Leafeon and Hisuian Electrode, respectively. 

While Leafeon is a grass type Pokémon, Hisuian Electrode is an electric and grass type Pokémon. The structure of Leafeon is similar to a plant.

But remember, you do not necessarily need to use Leaf Stone to evolve Eevee to Leafeon. It is because this Stone is rare.

Therefore, we recommend alternative ways for evolution. This alternative method does not use Leaf Stone Legends Arceus to evolve Eevee into a Leafeon. But it is done by bringing them to a different location. It is Mossy Rock located in the Heartwood of Obsidian Fieldlands.

So, to evolve, you need to bring Eevee, and the evolution will take place. Doing this will save Leaf Stone for the evolution of other Pokémon that we have discussed here.

How to get Leaf Stone?

As the name suggests, Leaf Stone is an unmistakable Leaf-patterned stone. The easiest way to have it with you is going to Item Exchange Post in the Pokémon Legend Arceus game located in Jubilife Village.

So, once you reach there, you can purchase Leaf Stone Legends Arceus in exchange for Merit Points. But for each purchase, you have to spend 1000 MP. You can earn Merit Points by tracking down and retrieving dropped satchels throughout Hisui’s zones.

Alternatively, players can get Leaf Stone in Legends Arceus game either by visiting Space-time Distortion or completing the “Which Is The Real Burmy” Request 73.


Leaf Stone is used for the evolution purpose, and we have provided you with the locations where you can find it. In addition, you can get details on Pokémon Legend Arceus game and leaf stone from this link. 

Do you now have an idea on Leaf Stone Legends Arceus? Tell us in the comment section below if you need to know about other Stone.

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