Laura Lynne R Duffy {Feb} Protest Of Comments Went Viral

This news article shares details about the controversial tweet of Laura Lynne R Duffy against the cop’s rage against her.

It is unfair to defy the people’s society of your country. But, if such a situation arises, what could be the course of action. The defiant statements should not be made on public platforms and should not endorse at any level. So, some action is required which is mentioned in this article. 

This article will discuss an incident in the United States about a Mathematics teacher and her anti-cop statements on Twitter, which went viral. The school administration has to set up an investigation team against Laura Lynne R Duffy to set aside the personal comments with school beliefs

Who is Laura Lynne Duffy? 

Duffy is a teacher for Mathematics subjects in Fontbonne Hall, an all-girls school in the United States

She completed her graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Mathematics Honors in 2011. 

She moved to Ireland to teach mathematics, and there she learned a course of teaching in Professional Master’s mathematics. 

As a teacher, she is the best, but recently she came into the news due to her statement on Twitter against the fallen cops, and it seems to be the defying statement for the people. 

So, Laura Lynne R Duffy is in the news for her unwanted statements against the cops.

Why in the news? 

Laura Lynne Duffy is a mathematics teacher from Fontbonne Hall. The school has organized a dress-down show to collect donations for the fallen heroes of NYPD; Wilbert Mora and Jason Rivera. 

About Tweet’s Issue

Laura Lynne Duffy teaches in a school where there was a dress-down competition for collecting donations for the fallen heroes of NYPD, Wilbert Mora and Jason Rivera. 

Laura commented on Twitter that “She is intentionally dressing up today” to abolish BLM. So, this tweet of Laura Lynne R Duffy created a backlash for the people, and there was massive criticism against the teacher.

This comment is personal, and the school authorities are not associated with this tweet. As the tweet was against the cops of the city, it went as the defying part for the citizens who are not respecting their system. Therefore, it is not an acceptable tweet by the people. 

As an investigation started against this case, Duffy did not reply to an investigation email, and the rage among the people is still on against Duffy. 

The action taken against Laura Lynne R Duffy

As the statement of Laura is unacceptable and people cannot accept such remarks against their cops and fallen heroes, she was expected to be removed from the professor’s job, but an investigation was launched against her. 

The school authorities have launched an investigation against her and clarified that the school does not endorse the statement. 

It is entirely personal, and they are not associated with it. The school is collecting donations to help fallen heroes and their acquaintances. 

Furthermore, you can learn more about it at this link.   


Laura Lynne R Duffy is in controversy because of her tweets against the NYPD, fallen heroes. 

This anti-cop statement is unacceptable by the people, and therefore, this is going viral, and an investigation is established against her. 

Note – All the details are entirely based on the internet’s research.

What do you think about this tweet? You can share your views via comments below. 

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