Knicks Roster Wordle {May} Is It A Quiz Hint Or Answer?

This article is about trending wordle game and Knicks Roster Wordle. Read the article to find out the right answer.

Have you played Wordle earlier? Playing Wordle has become a hobby, from children to older people. This game is challenging and is popular in countries like Australia, the United States, and Canada, etc. Different versions have spiced up the game. 

Knicks Roster Wordle is related to the NBA version of this game called ‘POELTL’. Follow this article till the end to find out all the information. 

Is Knicks Roster a hint? 

If you cannot guess the right answer, you can always look for the hints to win the puzzle. Isn’t it interesting? Takedown the below hints to reach your right answer. 

  • Hint number 1: The birth date of today’s players is 1 September 1999(22 years old). 
  • Hint number 2: Today’s players’ parents are Zanthia and Robert Reddish.
  • Hint number 3: The player is from the Knicks Roster Team. 
  • Hint number 4 for New York Knicks Roster: The height of the player is 2.03 metres. 

In such a way, you get these hints once you start guessing and reaching your right answer. And we have found out that Knicks Roster is one of the hints of today’s NBA Wordle. So hurry up and find out today’s answer. 

What is the answer? 

The NBA version of Wordle, called ‘Poeltl’, is an easy and fun version of Wordle. You get enough hints concerning the player’s name. The answer to today’s Poeltl is ‘Cam Reddish.’ 

NBA version Wordle game Hint: Knicks Roster Wordle

Wordle has reached millions of users who play the game daily, and with the increasing popularity, there are different clones of this game coming up each day. For all basketball lovers, POELTL is launched with its NBA relevance. The name of this game is Jakob Poeltl, a well-known player of the San Antonio Spurs. 

This game includes words which are related to NBA. It is something related to the recent puzzle of POELTL. Find out your answer by reaching the end of this article. 

How to play? 

If you are a basketball fan, this version is for you. Follow these basic steps to play the POELTL game:

  • Like today’s hint Knicks Roster Wordle, you have to guess the NBA player. You get a total of 8 guesses to reach your answer. 
  • After each guess, you will get certain hints concerning the Team, Conference, Division, Position, Age, Height, and Team number. 
  • Once you guess, the blocks will change their colour to yellow and green, green indicating that you have guessed the category rightly and yellow depicting that you are almost there. 


Wordle’s popularity has given rise to many other versions. Poeltl gives you hints as you move forward in the game. You get to learn all the information about the players. We have found the right answer to today’s Wordle in this article. Knicks Roster Wordle is one of the hints. You can try using the answer and play Wordle daily. Follow the link to try it out yourself.  

Did you get all the answers in this article? What do you think? Please share your thoughts with us. 

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