Kid among Us Backwards {Nov} Curious to Know, Go Deep!

Kid among Us Backwards {Nov} Curious to Know, Go Deep! >> Eager to know the new update introduced in Among Us multiplayer game? Catch out the deep details here.

Among us is one of the online multiplayer games introduced in 2018. Soon after the launch, it gains popularity worldwide, especially in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. 

Presently, the Among Us backward that can help you to reverse and flip the map is becoming well-known these days. So, by sharing today’s article, we will make you aware of the process to flip things upside down in the game and many more interesting facts.

Let’s explore Kid among Us Backwards!

What is Among Us Backwards?

Among Us introduces the little Easter egg on the map. The skeld is a unique map that can reverse the original map in few easy steps. In this process, a mirror image is produced, i.e., the left side goes to the right and vice versa. 

But the reversing of the map is only functional when the host has also applied this effect. Otherwise, your map will remain the same.

So another specific condition to use this mirror effect in the Among Us is that it only active and works on The Skeld, while the rest of the maps do not change.

Kid among Us Backwards 

At the time of April Fools, the team among us tried to befool their players by putting them is confusion. The ship was moving backward; the whole place was just up and down. The code capable of transferring the things into the reversed is still available in the Among Us. 

Do you want to use that effect in the game? So, let’s have a look at the steps to do so.

How to reverse the skeld map in the game – Among us?

  • Go to the option of settings and change the current date to April 1. However, this process varies for different players as you may use a PC or mobile to play the game.
  • Kid among Us Backwards can be used by launching and hosting the game. 
  • Now set the map as the Skeld.
  • Add some of your friends to the game. You can even add online players in Among Us.
  • All is set. You are ready to play the upside-down game of Among Us.

So, following the series of steps makes it easier for the players to play their game in more interesting way.

But will it make the game easier?

Adding the reverse feature in the game will be much easier if the player first explores the map before starting playing it. Then, all the classic elements of the game will remain the same, and only the map will be reversed.

Kid among Us Backwards will be a fantastic opportunity to confuse your friends if we see they are unaware that any such exciting feature exists in Among Us. Moreover, it will offer you a new map to play in.

Overall, the game is the same, but we found the layout is more refreshing than earlier.

Are you curious to learn more about Playing Among Us Backwards? Visit the link.


The Among Us game always keeps itself updated with the new features for its enthusiastic players. So, we recommend you give this reversing map a try and enjoy playing your game with Kid among Us Backwards.

What are your views about this update? Comment and share with us.

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