{Updated} Kevin Gates Video Instagram: Check What Is In The Child Birth Video, Also Find Details On His Zodiac Sign, Height and Weight

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Have you seen the Kevin Gates Instagram story? Why is Kevin trending on social media? What did Kevin post as his Instagram story? Have you ever watched any child birth video before? Do you follow Kevin Gates on social media? If you wish to know about the singer and rapper Kevin Gates Video Instagram story, read this article, and you will get all the related insights. Kevin’s Worldwide fans were displeased and scared to watch his recent video.

Kevin’s Instagram Video Explained

Very recently, the rapper Kevin Gates posted a video on his Instagram story, which created considerable controversy and turned into the talk of the town. Gates posted the video of her wife’s natural delivery. The footage had sensitive content because there were blood and body-exposing clips. 

His followers and other viewers found the Child Birth Video way too private to be shared on Instagram. Many people were horrified by the screams and blood in the video. This soon turned into a discussion over social media, and people started discussing the visuals that were too much to handle. 

Disclaimer: The video of Kevin Gates’s childbirth will not be linked in the article below. The video contains sensitive content. 

Personal Details of Kevin Gates

The famous rapper Kevin Gates was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on February 5th, 1986. His birth name is Kevin Jerome Gilyard. Despite experiencing a tumultuous childhood, Gates found solace in music and began pursuing a career in rap in 2007. Kevin was just 14 years old when his father died due to AIDS. 

His Zodiac Sign is Aquarius. He got married to Dreka Haynes in the years 2015. She was Kevin’s long-time girlfriend. He has three beautiful children with her named; Khaza, Islah and the newborn baby. Kevin and Dreka follow Islam, and he went to Mecca in September 2016. 

Professional Career Details of Kevin

He released his first mixtape, “Pick of Da Litter,” in 2007, but it was not until his 2013 mixtape, “The Luca Brasi Story,” that he gained significant recognition and a dedicated fan base. He has more than seventeen Mixtapes, three extended plays and studio albums, and 30 singles that include; Do It Again, Me Too, Big Gangsta, Perfection Imperfection Walls Talking, and Satellites.    

Luca Brasi’s music has built up a loyal following thanks to his gritty, honest lyrics and unique flow. His standout mixtapes showcase his undeniable skills on the mic and his ability to create cohesive works that showcase his distinctive voice in modern hip-hop. Despite his success, Gates has faced numerous legal issues throughout his career, including a controversial prison sentence.

Additional Details 

While discussing the trending video of Dreka giving birth to their third child, people also started talking about their personal and Kevin’s professional life. Keywords like his Height and Weight and his songs began to trend along with the news of his controversial Instagram story. However, some people have supported Kevin and wrote that this is how most women give birth to their children. Thus, everyone should respect it rather than label it as scary or harrowing visuals. 


People have started discussing Kevin Gates’ Instagram story video a lot, and it started to trend on social media. All details related to the footage have been provided in the write-upRead the details on Kevin Gate.

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Updates on Ride Da Night Singer Kevin Gates: FAQs

Q1. Why was Kevin tending to Social-media?

A1. A few days ago, Kevin posted a video of her wife giving natural birth to their 3rd child on his Instagram, which is currently the most talked about thing.

Q2. What are the reactions of his followers?

A2. Most people online are horrified and unhappy with the video and its content. But few people have appreciated him as well. 

Q3. What is Gates’s wife’s name?

A3. Kevin’s wife’s name is Dreka Haynes. They got married in 2015. 

Q4. List some of Kevin Gates’ famous songs.

A4. Some of his famous songs are; The Luca Brasi Story, Me Too, Walls Talking Cartel Swag, etc.  

Q5. Which other account has posted Kevin’s baby birth video?

A5. The Midwife organisation, ‘Indiebirth’, also posted the same video and shared their story. 

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