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This article offers information about Kennyshands com, a viral website concerning an athlete. Read all the details.

Do you enjoy watching professional football? The National Football League is one of the most closely followed sporting tournaments in the US and attracts massive viewership and crowds at the stadiums. A website named after Kenny Pickett is gaining traction, and Kennyshands com has gone viral.

Users in the United States frequently visit this website to obtain more details about it and have become quite interested in it. Keep reading this article to know more details about the same.

What is Kennyshands Website About?

As we revealed earlier, it’s the website’s title named after a professional American football player, Kenny Pickett. Let’s look at more details about this viral website below.

  • The popular podcast show “Pardon My Take” has created this website in defense of Kenny Pickett after some scrutinizing headlines about him.
  • The podcast hosts created Kennyshands com as a humorous take on this incident.
  • Media outlets in the United States were quite harsh on Kenny Pickett about the size of his hands which measured 8½ inches.
  • Pickett has the smallest hands of all the quarterbacks in the NFL, and media outlets suspect that his smaller hands will lead to him fumbling the ball more often.
  • The podcast hosts created this website as a defensive stand for Kenny Pickett.
  • The website contains a picture of Kenny’s hands and mentions various shorter objects than his hand.
  • These objects are quite big and are meant to assert that Kenny’s hands aren’t too small.

Details about Kennyshands com

This website is going viral after its publication. Let’s look at some characteristics of the website below.

  • The website has a simple interface with a purple background with hands printed all over it.
  • The center of the page contains an image of Kenny Pickett showing his hands, and the size of his hands is also mentioned in the image.
  • This image is followed by the image of some objects which are either bigger than or smaller than Kenny Pickett’s hands.
  • All relatively bigger objects are smaller than Kenny’s hands, which assert that he likely won’t fumble the ball.
  • Kennyshands com is also going viral and has already generated thousands of visits, increasing very rapidly.
  • For example, some items listed are Ziploc Bag, Power Card, and Mega Roll, smaller than Kenny’s hands, while the bigger items listed are Burj Khalifa, a Hummer, etc.

Final Thoughts                    

Kenny Pickett is a very promising young professional American quarterback who’ll likely be a part of the NFL this season. Some queries about his hands are gaining traction, and we have mentioned the relevant information above. Read more about Kenny Pickett here.  

Where did you first get to know about this viral website? Kindly share your thoughts on our information about Kennyshands com in the comments below. 

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