Explore Kareem Hunt Fantasy 2022 Details:Is This a Good Fantasy Pick?

In Kareem Hunt Fantasy 2022, we will know why choosing him in the draft can be a good choice. Read to know more.

Are you interested in this year’s Fantasy Football draft rankings? The ranking season began in mid-July, and it went on till this week. You must be aware of top picks. Do you know who Kareem Hunt is? Where does he stand in the ranking?

People in the United States and Canada are searching for information about him. So, if you are interested, we have covered him in our post, Kareem Hunt Fantasy 2022.

Who is Kareem Hunt?

Kansas City Chiefs drafted Kareem Hunt in 2017 during the third round of the NFL draft. And he is currently Running Back for Cleveland Browns. He was born on August 6, 1995, and his previous two-year stats are below.

His stats:

2021 87 10.9 22 174 386 4.95 5
2020 180 11.3 38 304 5 841 4.25 6

If we see his previous stats, Hunt plays a significant role for the Browns this week. It will be interesting to see if he gives his best output this year.

Is Kareem Hunt a Good Fantasy Pick?

Kareem’s previous outputs are pretty consistent, and he ranks in the middle of Tier seven of Fantasy Football Draft Rankings. Last season he demonstrated his potential as a strong Fantasy runner, so we can expect him as a good Fantasy pick for this year.

His average for the first five weeks stands at 17.8 PPR points, but different injuries knock him out from the rest of the previous year’s game. This year he regularly participated in practices and is ready to take a sizable portion of the work in the team.

Kareem Hunt Fantasy 2022 performance is not slowing down as he enters his 27th season. This deep sleeper needs a change and an opportunity to reclaim the accolades. So, Hunt gives you a solid base with the potential for a very high ceiling when you draft him.

Brief about Fantasy football:

Fantasy football is a game that started in 1962 and is undeniably fascinating played during football league seasons. It is where you virtually own a team based on real-time performance, and your team achieves points. It gets updated weekly, and you must closely observe players’ performances.

Kareem Hunt Fantasy 2022 is playing for Cleveland Browns. Carolina Panther vs. Cleveland Browns is upcoming on September 11. Cleveland’s expectations are high for Kareem Hunt. Still, there are chances he might struggle if the Panther presents a challenging opponent in front of him.


The fantasy Football draft ranking with the NFL season is all done. Every week from now, you should keep an eye on the changes in rankings, and as the season gets closer, the outcomes will be interesting to see. You can click here to learn about Kareem Hunt’s professional career.

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