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The following research on Juwan Howard Wiki will guide you on the scuffle that happened between the two coaches, Juwan and Greg.

Do you love watching Basketball? Which player do you like the most? If you love watching Basketball, you might have heard about Juwan Howard of the United States. He has been a great player and a coach as well. 

This article concerns Juwan Howard Wiki and his life history. If you do not know about his career, personal life, and achievements, this article will help you out. So, kindly read this post till the end, and it will inspire you.

Who is Juwan Howard?

Howard is a renowned former basketball player of America. He was born on February 7, 1973. He serves as the head coach of the Men’s team, Michigan Wolverines. He has completed his high school at Chicago Vocational. He pursued his graduation from Michigan College. He began his career in 1994 in Basketball and played for Washington Bullets/ Wizards.

More on Juwan Howard Wiki

As per the reports, a spark between the coach of Wolverines and Badgers has been felt. In the last match between the two teams, the Wolverines lost to the Badgers. Juwan took a swing at Joe Krabbenhoft, and he did not shake hands with Greg Gard, coach of Wisconsin. He was upset with the late timeout call, and he even got physical with the opposition team after his team lost the game. He was captured in a video where he raised his arm, and it looked as if he tried to hit Gard. As per online source, this was a ridiculous act by a renowned coach. 

As per Juwan Howard Wiki, the scuffle resulted awful when Juwan slapped Wisconsin’s assistant. The act was unacceptable, and the people were upset by this act. 

How did the scuffle happen?

The scuffle started when the two coaches exchanged words after the game. They talked during the handshake line, and Juwan did not even shake their hands. The conversation between the two got heated and turned into an argument. Many players separated them, but Howard leaped upon the other person in anger, turning into an aggressive fight. Juwan did not do it right, and he must apologize for this blunder.

As per Juwan Howard Wiki, we will further inform you about Juwan’s reaction postgame. 

What did Juwan say postgame?

During the postgame press conference, Juwan confirmed that he did not like the late timeout, and it was unfair by their end. He even said that somebody touched him, and he acted like this. He did not like when someone touched him. So as a result, he got physical with the opposition team members. 


Wrapping up this content, we informed you about the latest scuffle during the Sunday game. The two coaches were involved in a scuffle. According to Juwan Howard Wiki, the head coach, Juwan got physical in anger. Please check this link to know more about Juwan and Greg’s Scuffle.  

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