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This post on Judge Luttig J Michael will address our readers’ concerns and inform them about the former judge’s statement and why it has become headline news.

Do you know about J. Michael Luttig’s statement? He is an American lawyer and a former judge in the United States. He testified about something that has become headline news, and everyone is talking about it.

 In this post on Judge Luttig J Michael, we will discuss his recent statement and why it has become the talk of the town. Kindly read this post to know more about it.

What did J. Michael testify about in his statement?

An American lawyer and former US Appellate court judge testify before the investigation into the 6th January storm on the US capital in the Federal government office. He emphasized Trump’s post-election effort as the war on democracy, claiming former Vice President Mike Pence did not have any lawful power to help in stopping the Congress government from ensuring the 2020 elections, which could have led to a constitutional crisis.

 Judge J Michael Luttig Statement 

He testified about the pressure on Pence to overturn the election result when the vice president’s team tried seeking J. Michael Luttig for view on the legal aspects of challenging the vote count.

In 1991, President George H.W. Bush appointed Luttig to the United States Appellate court. He worked there until he retired in 2006. He also served under multiple presidents in the white house and the justice department.

He is a widely respected judge, and even after being nominated for the bench, he sent many clerks to the Supreme Court. Now, he is former Judge Luttig J Michael, and he had advised Mike Pence to reject former clerk John Eastman’s advice to overturn the election result.

Democracy is at risk.

He stated that America is at war, not with a foreign power, but with itself. Its people are at war with one another. It desperately needs a peaceful resolution, and only the battle for America’s cultural soul and heart could bring it to a peaceful conclusion. However, if the war for American democracy is not won, the war of democracy will end peacefully.

The former president and his political party instigated this war. Judge Luttig J Michael also stated that the Former President’s well-executed plan to overturn the election result so that he could keep the power that Americans had conferred on him but the next president, just announced his victory even though he knew he had lost and after that even after knowing the truth about the results, they both set about overturning the election.


To summarise this post, we informed our readers about the statement of a former US Judge and his testimony about the pressure on Mike Pence to overturn the election result. Check this link to know more about J. Michael Luttig.

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