Jollmall shoes Reviews {Jan 2022} Is This A Legit Site?

This article shares information about Jollmall shoes Reviews to learn about their authenticity.

Online Shopping is taking its new zenith all around the world. There are enormous websites that are selling products online to consumers according to their wishes. You need to beware of some facts about these online websites to secure yourself from any uncertainties. People from the United States are especially involved in online Shopping. SO, to safeguard these people, we are here to provide you with some information about Jollmall shoes Reviews

Let us first give you a brief account of the website.

What is

It is an e-platform to sell high-quality shoe products to consumers. It deals with various products for the customers to provide exceptional services to them. The website is continuously evolving to provide the best services to take advantage of exceptional services. They are dedicated to making the experience pleasant for the consumers. So, you can visit this website for your favourite products. The products range from men’s shoes, sunglasses, women shoes, accessories, and women’s clothing. Therefore, if you want to avail the benefits of various products at one destination, you can get some information to know Is Jollmall shoes Legit? So, let’s begin our discussion about this platform and see what our findings are. 


  • Type of Website: E-commerce website
  • Type of Product: Wide range of product
  • Domain age: It is more than two years old. 
  • Email id: contact@jollmall.comContact No: Not available
  • Address: Not Available
  • Payment method: It accepts PayPal and other online payments. 
  • Shipping Policy: It delivers products within 1-2 weeks. 
  • Refund Policy: If the order is not shipped, they accept cancellation and applicable a refund policy. 
  • Certification: There is HTTPS certification. 

Pros of using

  • According to Jollmall shoes Reviews, there is a wide range of products which we can choose from this website according to our choice.
  • There is an easy payment option for consumers in the United States
  • The domain age of the website is more than two years. 
  • You can cancel the order before it is shipped out for delivery to get a refund of the order. 

Cons of using

  • There is no social media presence on this platform, and therefore, we cannot get an exact idea of consumer reviews. 
  • Once the product is shipped, you cannot cancel the order or refund the money. 

Is Jollmall shoes Legit

To prove any website is a legitimate site or not, we can consider various facts and factors accordingly. So, let’s see what the favourable factors about this website are. 

  • The first factor which we must consider is the domain age of the website. As the website is more than two years old, we can say that this is a positive sign. It was created on 13th February 2019. 
  • The second factor is that there is no information about the owner’s identity. We do not know anything about the owner. It would not be wise to shop from a website that is not transparent. 
  • There is no Alexa ranking and the Trust Score for the website.
  • According to Jollmall shoes Reviews, there is no social media presence on this website. Although the website is old, social media presence is an important factor to consider about the platform’s legitimacy.
  • There is no consumer review available about this platform, making it difficult to find the website’s legitimacy. 
  • The last factor is the certification; there is HTTPS certification of the website. This certification claims that your record would not be shared with any third party. 

There is the involvement of your hard-earned money, and therefore, you should see the legitimacy of it. If we talk about, this website seems to be suspicious. 

What are Jollmall shoes Reviews?

According to our research, no consumer reviews are available about this platform either on the official website or any other platform. So, we cannot give any strong judgment about the consumer reviews about the platform’s authenticity. But, if we consider other factors, we can say that the website seems to be suspicious. To know more, click here

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Final Verdict: 

There are various online platforms through which you can shop online. There are some factors to consider about the authenticity of the website. Jollmall shoes Reviews proves that there are some suspicious factors in it, and therefore, you must be aware of it. 

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5 thoughts on “Jollmall shoes Reviews {Jan 2022} Is This A Legit Site?”

  1. Please I want to purchase boots but you declined card because our mail and home address did not match. Sale ends soon. Help!

    • This looks like a scam company. I got scammed by a company advertising in You Tube. Looked very legit offering a great product at a great price, with a “free gift”of included. I ordered several for family. They sent me the “free” gift but not the product. Said it was on back order. I wrote that I wanted to cancel and get a refund. They said no refunds. But, I fought them by via PayPal and got my money. Fortunately!! Another company had beautiful pictures but sent me knockoffs. I couldn’t get a full refund. They offered me $4 for a $40 shoe… So, I would suggest you to shop elsewhere. “Buyer beware.” 😉

  2. I have to say how very disappointed I am with your service and product. The boots you advertise are not the boots I received. Also,they took 4 weeks to arrive. You don’t respond to emails nor is there a phone number. I don’t recommend your company.


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