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In the article, Jody Ledgerwood,we are discussing the freedom rally held in Vancouver. We would be pleased if you could check out our article.

Do you know who Ledgerwood is? Why is Ledgerwood in the news? Which rally did she attend? What is her profession? Are you curious to know more? Please read the article.

Jody is a real estate agent or a realtor. She hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She joined a rally on New Years’ eve while everybody was in their homes. The rally was called ‘Hugs over Masks.’ After the incident, Jody Ledgerwood was asked to step down from her position. 

Details About The Incident

On New years’ eve, the rally ‘Hugs over Masks’ was held. While others in Cobourg spent a rather dull eve, Jody attended a party/ rally in Cobourg, Vancouver. The event was named as NYE Freedom Dance Party (Rally). The party was from 8 pm till 12:30 pm. The Dance party/ rally held outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

No one wore masks at the party. The rally was an anti-lockdown and anti-Covid guideline on gathering, Ledgerwood stated. Jody was spotted shouting at the camera in a video, and people surrounded her.

Details Of Jody Ledgerwood 

Jody belongs to the town of Cobourg, Canada. She is a real estate agent. Ledgerwood has more than 10 years of experience in the field of real estate. She served the position of President at Northumberland Association of Realtors. Besides, Jody was former Director of Northumberland Players. 

After the NYE rally incident, the Northumberland Association of Realtors directed Jody to step down from her position. The Association did not give her a single chance to prove herself. They did not let her present any explanation, and the Association told her to resign. 

After the party incident, she received a lot of hate. Jody Ledgerwood faced harsh backlash from people on social media and people in her community. 

Other Details 

Jody always respected and followed the instruction on Covid-19 set out by the Association. She is a professional, and she knows the importance of it. As per the discussion, joining the freedom rally was her personal affair. And it had nothing to do with her professional life. 

The incident came to light after she posted videos of the freedom party on her social media. Many media houses reached out to her for interviews. But she declined, as her personal life does count as a matter to be discussed publicly, says Jody Ledgerwood.

Further, the Northumberland Association of Realtors also decided not to release any direct statements. Officials of the Association also abided from any interviews. The only statement released was that they would act in the best will of the Association and its members.


Indeed it was her personal affair, and it negatively affected her professional life. Often people have different opinions as individuals and as professionals. In conclusion, everyone should be given the proper right to present their explanation. 

If you wish to know more about Jody and her professional standings, click here. 

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