Jim Martin Christy Martin {Aug} Get Complete Insight!

Jim Martin Christy Martin {Aug} Get Complete Insight! >> This article provides information about the motivating life of a famous and professional female boxer.

Do you know about Christy Martin? What is Christy Martin doing currently? Who is Jim Martin? Where is Jim Martin now? Of course, it is inspiring to know about Christy Martin and her achievements. But, on the contrary, it is horrifying to know about Jim Martin. 

In this article, we will review the life and career of Jim Martin Christy Martin. Christy Martin’s admirers come from all walks of life in the United States and Canada.

Who is Christy Martin?

Christy Renea Martin is a boxer who started her career by participating in “Toughwoman” boxing contests. She won the title in the contest consecutively three times. On 15th October 1993, she won her first title in World Boxing Championship in the Women’s Junior Welterweight. Christy Martin retained her title six more times. In 1998, she lost her title to Sumya Anani. With 49 wins, Christy Martin holds a record. 

Christy Martin was given the nickname as The Coal Miner’s Daughter due to her father’s occupation. We will talk about Jim Martin Boxing Trainer in the below section.  In 2016, she was included in the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame as the first female boxer. In 2020, she was included in the International Boxing Hall of Fame. In addition, she is the only female boxer featured on the cover page of Sports Illustrated Maxine. 

Who is Jim Martin?

James V. Martin was a boxing coach. Jim met Christy in a gym in Tennessee. Jim used to train male boxers there. Jim was annoyed when Christy came to the gym for training. Jim tried to scare Christy by asking a male boxer to break her ribs. Read about the married life of Jim Martin Christy Martin below. But, Christy defended herself with her skills. Impressed with her skills, Jim started training Christy.

In 1992, Jim and Christy got married, although Jim was 24 years older than Christy. The couple was together for 20 years. But, during their married life, Jim used to abuse Christy emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

About murder attempt on Christy:

On 23rd November 2010, Christy and Jim were at their Apopka home. After a minor argument, Jim stabbed Christy several times and shot her three inches away from the heart. Christy was left to die. But, Christy survived the incident. 

The current life of Jim Martin Christy Martin:

Jim is serving his punishment till 2035 for second-degree attempted murder, only after which he will be released. 

Christy holds the position of  CEO of Christy Martin Promotions. It is a company that promotes boxing. Christy is also advocating for women who are domestically abused. 


It is inspiring to know that a coal miner’s daughter had achieved great success at the early stages of her life. After surviving a murder attempt, Christy Martin fought for justice and won. She continues with her passion for boxing by becoming CEO of a company that promotes boxing whereas Jim Martin Boxing Trainer spoiled his name and remaining life. Christy’s life teaches us to “never give up.” 

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