[Watch Full Video] Jesus Ayala Video Leaked on Twitter: Reddit, Las Vegas, Mother, Tiktok, Instagram

Watch out for the Jesus Ayala Video Leaked on Twitter and public reaction on TikTok

Have you seen the hit-and-run viral video of a young teenager trending on social media? A 17-year-old teenager drove the car over the retired police officer on the highway. 

The incident took place in Las Vegas, United States on 14 August 2023 by Hyundai Elantra. However, netizens are trying to find out what happened to the officer and what is the current status of the alleged. Therefore, let’s explore the Jesus Ayala Video Leaked on Twitter.

What’s Inside Jesus Ayala Video Leaked on Twitter

The whole video was recorded by the friend of the driver, Ayala, sitting beside him in the car. The other person in the vehicle was named Jzamir Keys, who was also arrested after the interrogation of Ayala. However, both the boys present in the car are in police custody. 

Looking at the video, people started commenting on TikTok and sharing their opinions about parents supporting teenagers to drive cars. The video captures the whole scenario where the retired police officer Andreas Probst was riding a bicycle on the side of the road. 

The car was driven at full speed, and the teenager hit the victim from behind. However, the intention of the drivers is not clear, but police recorded it as a hit-and-run case.

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Public Reaction on Jesus Ayala Reddit

People are posting sarcastic comments and making funny Memes about the incident. However, some people are showing condolences for the victim Police officer who died due to the negligence of irresponsible teenagers. 

It is surprising to find out that the teenagers were in police custody, showing courage to scare the officer that they would be out of jail in no Time. As per the news available on YouTube, the attorney charged the criminal for multiple crimes. 

Moreover, there were many previous charges applied on Ayala and Keys for murder, attempted murder and bribery. Authorities reported to the press that both the boys would be held for a long time as there were many charges pressed against them. 

What are the words of Jesus Ayala Mother?

When police investigated the mother of the alleged victim, she told the authorities that she had no idea about the stolen car. Moreover, she also mentioned that she has no idea about their previous crimes and charges. However, she is in pain and sorrow and requests officers to leave them to improve their lives. 

People are also looking for the Instagram accounts of the boys, as one of them, known as Keys, is 16 years old. Additionally, netizens also resembled Keys as the suspect for the previous homicide murder of celebrity Singer. Unfortunately, there is no information about the Instagram handle of the boys.

Video Going Viral on Telegram 

Earlier video was uploaded on social media handles like Twitter and Reddit, but later it was deleted due to privacy policy volition. However, people still want to watch the video, and they are looking at the telegram private channel to see the whole incident. 

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Teens charged in hit-and-run killing to be tried as adults
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Final Verdict!

Two Teenagers, Ayala and Keys, ages 17 and 16, respectively, are in police custody for rash driving and killing the retired police officer. The whole incident was recorded on Keys’ mobile phone. Netizens are trying to watch the Jesus Ayala Las Vegas video to see how they crashed into the officer. Moreover, there is no information about the intentions of the teenagers.

What is your opinion about the whole accident murder case?

Disclaimer: We do not promote any violence and criminal acts. We have no intention to harm anyone’s privacy. All the information available in the article is for informational purposes only.

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