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Have you ever played Grand Piece Online? What is GPO? Is GPO a game? Who is Jester? Is Jester a Demon in GPO?

Online games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment today – in the United States alone, approximately 80% of Americans ages 12 and older play some game online. It is expected that this number will grow in the next few years as the number of online gamers continues to increase. If you are curious to know what Jester Outfit Gpo, read the article. 

Grand Piece Online

It is a game on the Roblox platform created by the developer of the Grand Quest game. It is a thrilling and fighting game. It is a nautical game that people have been waiting for all 2020 since Roblox had announced its launch.

GPO is a multiplayer game played online on any device. Players need to make their way to survive in the hidden islands. Also, searching for the fruits that are special and after having those fruits, it can bestow the player with immense power. There will be bosses and challenges that a player must overcome.

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Who Is Jester?

Jester is a demon that was introduced at the time of the 4.5 version update of the game. This demon gets unleashed in the location of Jester’s Dimension, and his special weapon is “Jester’s Demon Scythe.”

To summon a jester, players need to beat Ba’al and then find the place called ‘Ba’al Core’ and collect the keys from Ba’al. After that, go to the witch’s house and open the gate with the help of that key. You then need 20 zombie parts to help witch make a potion that will open the doors to Jester’s Dimension.

Jester Outfit Gpo

Jester Outfit is a collectible in the game Grand Piece Online. You can collect this jacket type outfit when the jester drops it. This outfit is only for fashion purposes in the game, and the player can wear this jacket with other armours.

Generally, any accessories that are dropped will resemble the boss who dropped them. Thus the jester outfit primarily looks like a jester, but when the player wears the jacket will match the player’s outfit colour. The trading level requirement is still unknown.

The jacket was a Halloween special. Demon jesters may drop this jacket by chance in the Transylvania area during the Halloween event this year. Thus Jester Outfit Gpo is a rare collectible, and players cannot collect it once the Halloween event 2021 is over. The jacket looks nice, and it is a fashion statement. 


The Grand Piece Online is a famous game on the Roblox platform. In 2020 it was a much-anticipated game, and the game developers have provided more than 5 updates till now. Overall, people like this game, and you may give it a try if you find it interesting.

Here is the link, where you can find the exact numbers of updates and their purposes in the game  

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