IT Outstaffing Service for Professional Development

Let’s imagine a situation where you are expanding your business, reorganizing it, or launching a new product. But achieving the set goals requires additional resources. Such a problem cannot be solved quickly with it outstaffing service, because you probably need people with experience, and not beginners who still need to be trained.

In this case, outstaffing programmers and developers comes to the rescue. You have requirements for the candidate. You submit your request to a recruiting agency for IT personnel, which provides the people you need. They work on your side with your team. Simply put, these are temporary employees “on lease.”

Outstaffing of IT personnel: pros and cons

Let’s start with the positive points:

  • without wasting time, you immediately attract specialists with a high level of training;
  • they are officially registered under a contract (no shadow freelancers and risks to the company’s reputation);
  • business costs are reduced as tax and social payments are made by the main employer, so it’s rather profitable solution;
  • you receive outstaffing of Java, PHP and other developers specifically for your project. They are ready to immediately begin solving problems (the launch of projects is not disrupted); 
  • unlike outsourcing, the outstaff team is located at the customer’s workplace, which eliminates acute problems with maintaining IT services and stopping business processes; 
  • it is possible to scale the business and quickly increase the pace work and profit growth, respectively; 
  • hiring risks can be minimized.

There are noticeably fewer disadvantages of mobile application development company, and basically they are all connected not so much with outstaffing itself, but with an unscrupulous outstaffing company. For example, tariffs for hired workers may unexpectedly increase, or out of nowhere, payment for the extension of a “lease” agreement may appear. Or the executing company will not pay taxes for personnel or will do so with a long delay.

It’s highly recommended to avoid cooperation with illegal outstaffers as it can cause quite serious results. The choice of the company must be done in the most serious possible way.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for specialists?

In an outstaffing environment, it is easier and faster to find a job with a salary that matches the candidate’s level of knowledge and skills. In this case, the interview and testing are carried out once, and subsequently you can work long-term or medium-term in different companies. For many applicants, this is even more interesting than working on the same product for years.

Which companies are IT outstaffing suitable for?

This model of cooperation is becoming more and more popular, and it can even replace outsourcing. Who is it best suited for?

  • For IT organizations that need to strengthen their team and test hypotheses – for example, develop a new feature and look at user reactions; 
  • For companies with small IT department where there are not so many professionals for the development; 
  • For companies that want to implement high technologies in in a narrow direction, and full-time specialists do not have such experience; 
  • For companies that want to launch a project on time, speed up work processes for a quick return on investment or correct “lame” business processes; 
  • In case of need for urgent implementation of projects.

If you need highly qualified IT specialists to work under an outstaffing agreement, you should choose them carefully.

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