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NATO is an organisation built-in 1949. In 1949, when 12 countries signed this agreement, they agreed on these principles: Safeguard the freedom, civilization, and common heritage to the people, the rule of law and individual liberty. There are many countries Worldwide that are part of this organisation.

In this article, we will discuss  Is Who in NATO 2022.

What is NATO?

NATO is a cross-country international alliance that was formed in April 1949. It was established after four years of world war ll. Then, the west was tense about the attack by the Soviet Union. As an aftermath of this, 12 countries, along with the US and UK, signed an agreement in Washington.

The headquarters of NATO is located in Belgium, Brussels, Boulevard Leopold iii(glass building). Since 1967, these locations have been its permanent base. The initial base of NATO was in London, then Paris in 1952 for a while. Many people want to know: Is Who in NATO 2022? NATO has 30 countries as its members.

Why is NATO formed?

NATO is an organisation that provides security, protection, and support to its members’ countries whenever required. NATO explains itself as a military and political alliance. As a military alliance, diplomatic efforts fail during the disputes, and NATO will be undertaking the military power to manage the crisis.

As a political alliance, NATO encouraged democratic values. It allows members to co-operate and consult on security or protection and defence-based issues to find the solution, prevent conflict in the long span and build trust.

Is Who in NATO 2022?

Following are the members of NATO:-

  1. Belgium – joined 1949
  2. Denmark– joined 1949
  3. Canada – joined 1949
  4. Iceland – joined 1949
  5. France – joined 1949
  6. Netherlands– joined 1949
  7. Luxembourg – joined 1949
  8. Italy– joined 1949
  9. United Kingdom– joined 1949
  10. Portugal – joined 1949
  11. Norway – joined 1949
  12. United States of America – joined 1949
  13. Turkey – joined 1952
  14. Greece– joined 1952
  15. Spain – joined 1982
  16. Germany – joined 1955
  17. Hungary – joined 1999
  18. Czech Republic – joined 1999
  19. Poland – joined 1999
  20. Latvia– joined 2004
  21. Estonia – joined 2004
  22. Bulgaria– joined 2004
  23. Lithuania – joined 2004
  24. Slovenia – joined 2004
  25. Slovakia – joined 2004
  26. Romania– joined 2004
  27. Croatia – joined 2009
  28. Albania– joined 2009
  29. Montenegro – joined 2017
  30. North Macedonia – joined 2020

According to our research on Is Who in NATO 2022? The above countries are part of NATO. During this Russia-Ukraine war, many members of NATO have provided military aid and sanction to Ukraine.


Any country can be part of NATO, but they have to meet specific goals. Countries that will become a part of NATO must meet some military, economic and political criteria so that they can contribute to the security alliance. The former prime minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, is currently the leader of NATO till 2022 September. To know more about NATO, visit this link  

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