Is Legit (July) Let Us Know The Truth Here!

Is Legit 2021.

Is Legit (July) Let Us Know The Truth Here! >> This post will help you in finding the trustworthiness of the site that offers affiliate services.

Do you want to learn about Then, let’s get into this blog post to learn about the website and its services.

In the current era, affiliate marketing companies are generating high revenue. People trust these companies to grow their market reach. It is performance-based marketing where the business rewards affiliates for every visitor or a customer carried by the affiliate marketing efforts. Furthermore, is prevalent in the United States and the people there are curious to know about it.

But, what do you think Is Legit?

What is

According to the introduction page of the website is the top-most affiliate marketing company. It is currently working with the influencers on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

The website claims to provide high payouts, flexibility and transparency to the influencers. Moreover, the company is assuredly pledging that any social media user can become the productive influencer with any size following.

How does works?

The social media advertiser pays to get traffic. Revenue generated by them is going back to the affiliates. Let’s look further in this post to learn about the customer’s Reviews.

Key features of

  • The website is established on 18/04/2021.
  • You can watch the video or contact the manager via your affiliate dashboard to understand, navigate or utilize certain website areas.
  • You will get your payment instantly after setting your payment method.
  • The is free to join.
  • You can earn $50 as bonus signup.
  • For every friend invite to you will get $15.
  • On the website, you will get full assistant regarding how to begin.

Is Legit?

Under this heading, people will learn about the trustworthiness of the website as these days, many fraud sites are presented on the network that seems like a legit portal, but in actuality, the website is a scam.

Kindly consider the blow enclosed parameters before taking any services from

  • Domain registration date – the website is freshly established as its domain creation date is 18/04/2021.
  • Domain expiration date- the domain of the website will expire after 18/04/2022.
  • Content quality – The average quality content is uploaded on the website.
  • Shopper’s feedback – You will find some Instagram stories and DM screenshots on the website where people have posted their earnings from the
  • Website trust rank- As per the trust indicator, the website has earned 42.2%.
  • Trust score- The site has acquired a meager trust score that is 1% only.
  • Popularity- As per the internet, the site has not earned many engagements from the United States audience.

Customers’ Reviews

Indeed, this affiliate marketing site has posted some feedback screenshots on its dashboard where people were chasing the website and its services. While on the external portals, people found investigating about the authenticity of the site and some are also stating about it negatively.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the is the questionable website as of now as we have not obtained any accurate indication that demonstrates the site’s genuineness. Please do check every parameter on your own before taking any services from this website.

Do you have anything to say about this site? Then, please post your feedback in the comments of this Is Legit post.

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  1. Totally fake. You start by needing to earn 120$ in order to cash out, but wait they have more ! In order to cash out you have to earn 150$ in referrals, 6 completed referral sign ups, 15 invite links clicked, 6 completed surveys oh and I’m sure once all that is done they will simply say one of your clicks was done by a robot or something and then decide your ineligible to cash out…. It’s sad that YouTube does not regulate the adds they show because they are too money hungry. *”” AVOID***

    1. Hello Kevin! Than you and we appreciate your way of concern. Have you researched deeply with this process? The chances of getting success with such may be on luck. Best luck to you.

  2. I’ve been on surveyj for five days. I also feel it’s questionable while I run the steps to get my first actual payout to see if the money I’ve earned will actually drop into my paypal account.

    The final criteria I have yet to reach is a certain level of referral commissions, which are 20% of what people who sign up through your link earn from app downloads and surveys.

    This morning I noticed that the goal for my referral commissions went up from $120 to $150 without any notice or explanation. Now it feels like surveyj is dangling a carrot on a string in front of me. It seems like they’re trying to be sneaky about never actually paying people by raising the first cash out requirements and hoping you don’t notice.

    PS — There’s a typo on their downloads page, “…get piad…”

    1. Hello Anthony! This is appreciable that you have made an attempt to do great research. Also you have tried hit and miss ways to find the facts. The chances of each investment is different. Hopefully you will get your share of luck. Stay safe.

  3. I also joined the network three days ago and I’ve been trying my best to fulfill the requirements for my first cash out. As it stands I’ve done more than ten surveys but it still shows I’ve done only three so I’m even wandering how to fulfill that and they way they do their things are questionable

    1. Hello Nkrumah Emmanuel, Thank you for that you mentioned your feedback. The website is having a big question mark on his head due to many factors that we have already detaled in our blog. We would appreciate if you can share and spread the word so that other people can also stay alert. Stay safe.

  4. I have complete all the task except the commission survey of my referrals which is 120 trying to make it 150 but it’s not working have I been wasting my time on this platform! I have about $5000 on there! If it doesn’t comes out I’m gonna kill my self for you people

    1. Hello Francis, The effort you have made to share is admirable. We would appreciate if you can just leave it as it is and spread amongst other people so that they can also stay alert. Nothing to worry or kill. Life is very precious. Stay safe.

  5. i just joined today, will keep this page updated, I just sent my referral all around, to get the clicks, but 6 sign ups, probably won’t happen… we’ll see how it goes.

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