Is Snkrvibes Legit {April} Read A Comprehensive Review!

Snkrvibes Online Website Reviews

This research on Is Snkrvibes Legit will help the readers know about this shop’s legitimacy and transparency.

Snkrvibes is a well-known online shop for sneakers and streetwear. They deliver their products with love and affection towards their customers. They aim to satisfy the customers and deliver to the United States. However, before you step towards this shop, you must read this post on Is Snkrvibes Legit.

This post will give you appropriate guidance on the reliability and transparency of Snkrvibes. So, kindly read this post before making any purchase.

Is this shop legit?

Is Snkrvibes shop safe or risky? How could anyone know if it is safe? Sometimes we get attracted by the website’s collection and layout and interpret that it is a safe website. But maybe it is not a safe website. While sharing your credentials and other data with online sites, you should be careful. Some retailers may manipulate your thoughts via their attractive collection. But, you need to be careful and check Snkrvibes Reviews before making your decision.

We ask you to check all the legitimacy details to save your bank balance from fraudsters. They keep an eye on your money and can empty your bank balance anytime you become careless. So, kindly read the essential details before making a purchase.

  • Domain life: March 18, 2022, is Snkrvibes’s registration date. This shop was registered thirteen days ago, making its life expectancy short.
  • Registrar: Snkrvibes is registered under Porkbun LLC.
  • Trust Score: The shop has a one percent trust rate. This makes it the least good website. 
  • Buyer’s Feedback: Based on Is Snkrvibes Legit, some positive reviews were seen on the official website, but they could be false as no such reviews were shared on online sites.
  • Social media: Our team could not find any official accounts on a social platform like Instagram, Twitter. This means the website is unpopular.
  • Missing Details: A fee details like phone number and the owner’s details are missing. The rest of the details, like email and address, are mentioned.
  • Privacy Policy: Important policies like privacy policy, terms, and conditions, refund, return, cancellation policy are mentioned appropriately. 
  • Data Security: HTTPS is detected, but it doesn’t mean that this website is safe. Other factors also matter a lot.

Brief as per Is Snkrvibes Legit

Snkrvibes shop is an online platform where buyers can shop for any sneakers of their choice. Their policies and after-sale services are outstanding, and you will love buying from this website. They believe that streetwear and sneakers are not just their business but these are their lifestyle. They have a fantastic collection of: 

  • Yeezy 350
  • Yeezy 700
  • Yeezy 500
  • Air Jordan 1, 2, 3, 4, and all other series. 

Features of Snkrvibes shop

  • Purchase sneakers from
  • Email address:
  • Address info: PA 16506, 3330 W 26th St Erie, United States
  • The phone number is unfound.
  • Based on Is Snkrvibes Legit, we saw some customers’ positive reviews on the official webpage. But it could be false as online review sites have not rated this website.
  • Return Policy: The site offers a one-week return policy.
  • Refund policy: Please give 3-5 days to receive your refund amount.
  • Shipping Policy: They diver products within 7-15 days of placing an order. 
  • Visa, Amex, PayPal, Discover, MasterCard are the modes to pay the amount for your order. 

Positive Highlights

  • Free delivery on orders $250+. 
  • 24/7 customer support service available.
  • Email and address are found.

Negative Highlights

  • The Reviews found on the official website look fake.
  • No accounts on social media were found.
  • The phone number is unavailable.

Snkrvibes Reviews

The shop has mentioned the address and email, but the phone number is missing from the layout. However, the owner’s details are also unfound. Many positive reviews were found on the official website, like receiving a good-quality product, but it could be false and misleading as no such reviews are shared on online sites. Moreover, the website does not have any social media pages. 

In addition, Alexa ranked Snkrvibes shop poorly. So, we must stay away. But, if the viewers want to know about credit card scams, kindly click on this article.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up this post on Is Snkrvibes Legit, we find that this website was registered around thirteen days ago, making it a website with a short life expectancy. Also, the trust score is unfavorable and should not be trusted. Hence, we do not recommend this website. Please check this link to know details on Sneakers.  

Was this post on the reliability of the Snkrvibes shop helpful? Please tell us your ideas in the comment section below.

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4 thoughts on “Is Snkrvibes Legit {April} Read A Comprehensive Review!

  1. i ordered from snkr vibes and there definitely fake!! it’s been a month sense i placed my order and it was supposed to come a week after, the tracking number they gave me i think is fake or something because it hasn’t updated for 3 weeks and when i called USPS they said they never even received the package. i’ve emailed the snkr vibes support email so many times and they won’t respond back to me. i’m beyond mad because i spent so much money on jordan’s from there website and i got scammed out of my money. Do NOT order from them !!!!!

  2. I ordered from them too. It took over a month but they finally arrived. I didn’t actually take them out and closely inspect them for nearly another month because the weather was mostly shitty and i wouldn’t have worn them. But now that i have i can clearly see they’re knock off’s. Be careful because on the website they flat out say they’re fake! In the about us section they refer to them as “high quality replica footwear”

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