Is Loveciss Clothing Scam Or Legit {June} Read!

The post will provide you authentic information on Is Loveciss Clothing Scam or Legit. Know the full details here.

Did you hear about the Loveciss store? Are you fond of online shopping? If yes, then here you will know about an amazing online store that sells various kinds of clothes. Citizens from the United States are curious to know about this online store as the store seems fascinating. The article will provide with your authentic details on Is Loveciss Clothing Scam or Legit. This will help buyers to understand its legitimacy.

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Is Loveciss clothing a scam?

There are innumerable factors through which we can determine the authenticity of a store. The store seems attractive and fascinating so many of the buyers are keen to know its legitimacy. We are listing some of the crucial factors of this store in the following list:

  • Registration Date: The store was launched on 23 August 2022. 
  • Trust rate: The trust percentage of this website store is 48.6 which is near the average trust rate.
  • Reviews: The store has received Loveciss Clothing Reviews on the official platform.
  • Spam score: The spam rate of this website is 1 out of 100. 
  • Phishing score: The store has a phishing score of 4 out of 100. 
  • Malware score:  Malware score of this website is 18 out of 100. 
  • Data encryption: The data in this store is secure as it follows the HTTP protocol.
  • Missing information: The information regarding the owner is not given.

Overview of Loveciss clothing store

Loveciss shop is a prominent store that has a hoard of men’s and women’s clothing. The store has a unique collection that has attracted several online buyers. Have a look at a few products below:

  • Contrasting print shirt
  • Printed shorts

Is Loveciss Clothing Scam or Legit? The article will give you deep details about this online store. To acknowledge the legitimacy of this store you need to read further as before some more crucial factors we cannot judge if the store is legitimate or fake. 

Features of Loveciss store

  • Url:
  • Email address:
  • Phone number:  Unavailable 
  • Head office Location:  Zhendong Village, Feida Building, No. 346 and 348, Andong Town
  • Shipment details: Delivery is free on orders more than $49.
  • Payment mode: Discover, Payal, Amex, VISA 

Positive Highlights

  • Email address provided 
  • Shipment over $49 is free.

Negative Highlights

  • Fake reviews detected 

Loveciss Clothing Reviews

The Loveciss store has become eminent in several countries as it has a wide reach. The store has received positive reviews on the official website that seem fake. The website has 2.6 ratings and a few negative responses from buyers on the other website reviewing platforms. The store has 15 thousand followers on Instagram which could be fake as there are no apt responses from buyers.  We couldn’t find any appropriate reviews of customers on the social media account of this store. You can visit this page to get security details from credit card scams.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here on Is Loveciss Clothing Scam or Legit, we have found several factors that make this store suspicious. The store has a legitimacy of less than one year and the trust rate is 48.6%. The store has several positive responses on the official website but the response seems fake. The followers of social media could also be fake as there are no apt responses from followers. The website seems suspicious so buyers should wait for some apt buyers’ response. Click on this link to learn about PayPal scam protection

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Is Loveciss Clothing Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Loveciss store?

Ans. Loveciss store is a well-known online store that has an immaculate collection of women’s and men’s clothing. 

Q2. What is the trust rate of the Loveciss store?

Ans. The trust rate of the Loveciss store is 48.6%.

Q3. What is the spam rate of the Loveciss store?

Ans. The spam rate of the Loveciss store is 1 out of 100.

Q4. Who is the owner of the Loveciss store?

Ans. The details about owners are not mentioned on the store website.

Q5. How to contact the Loveciss store?

Ans. You can contact the store at

Q6. Is Loveciss Clothing Scam or Legit?

Ans. As per the factors, the store seems suspicious.

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