Is Inventory Promotion Scam or Legit {July 2023} Reviews

Before purchasing sweaters from the Inventory Promotion website, make sure to get the answer for, Is Inventory Promotion Scam or Legit.

Do you belong to a cold country? Are you searching for an online shopping website to buy sweaters? If your answers are yes, and if you are a native of the United States, we can inform you about an online shopping website that deals with fashionable sweaters. 

The shop, called Inventory Promotion, is a brand-new shopping website for sweaters. But, first, we suggest our readers find the answer to the question- Is Inventory Promotion Scam or Legit?


What are the authenticity points of Inventory Promotion?

  • The owner of Inventory Promotion created the website on 30th June 2023. The website is only 16 days old.
  • The website of Inventory Promotion was updated on 30th June 2023. 
  • On 30th June 2024, the website will expire.
  • The trust score of Inventory Promotion is 42%.
  • According to the SSL, the certificate of the Inventory Promotion is valid.
  • Several scammers use the website.
  • The Inventory Promotion website does not have many visitors.
  • The website lacks Inventory Promotion Reviews
  • The Inventory Promotion website is HTTPS protected. 
  • As the website is only 16 days old, we could not find any details about the phishing score, threat profile score, malware school, and spam score. 
  • The Inventory Promotion website is not detected by any blacklist engine. 
  • The owner of the inventory promotion website hid his details. 

What is Inventory Promotion?

Inventory Promotion is an online-based shopping website that provides fashionable and trendy sweaters for women. Wool Turtleneck Pullover, Wool Women’s Sweater Jumpers, Wool Knitwears Cashmere Turtleneck, and many more items are available on the official website of Inventory Promotion. 

But do you know it is not a good decision to trust any random website? So, before trusting the Inventory Promotion website, let’s find out the answer to the question- Is Inventory Promotion Scam or Legit?

What are the specifications of the Inventory Promotion website?

  • The official URL link is
  • You can contact the inventory promotion website via email. The official email ID is
  • The name of the company is Novva Limited. 
  • Flat 1512, 15/F, Lucky Centre, No. 165-171, Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, is the official company address of the Inventory Promotion.
  • The website is not available on any social media platforms.
  • The inventory promotion takes 8 to 14 natural days for shipping. 
  • Cancellation, refund, and return policies are available on the website. 
  • Customers can use American Express, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and many other options for payment methods. 

Is Inventory Promotion Scam or Legit? Read the pros 

  • Express shipping is available.
  • They accept various modes of payment.
  • The company address is mentioned on the website.


  • The owner’s details are unavailable.
  • They do not have a vast collection of sweaters.
  • The website is not available on social media.
  • Your personal data might be hacked by third-party websites. 

Inventory Promotion Reviews:

We could not find any customer reviews for the Inventory Promotion website. As the website is only 16 days old, no one knows about it. Also, we could not find more authentication points for the Inventory Promotion website. 

Many other online portals warned customers not to buy any sweaters from this website. According to those web portals, the Inventory Promotion website might be harmful to customers. We also suggest customers’ read- how to detect a credit card scam

Summing Up:

The Inventory Promotion website lacks much information on the owner’s details, contact number, spam score, malware score, phishing score, and threat profile score. These details play a vital role in a website. So, it is better to not shop from the Inventory Promotion website. You can choose an authentic and reliable online shopping website for buying women’s sweaters. 

Have you heard about the Inventory Promotion website before? Please comment, and don’t forget to read- how to be safe from a PayPal scam

Is Inventory Promotion Scam or Legit– FAQs:

Q.1 Is Inventory Promotion a fraudulent website?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2 Does the website sell only women’s sweaters?

Ans. Yes.

Q.3 Are they providing any discounts?

Ans. Yes. They are providing discounts on every product. 

Q.4 When did the owner create the Inventory Promotion website?

Ans. On 30th June 2023. 

Q.5 Are the owner’s details available on the website?

Ans. No.

Q.6 What is the official email id of the Inventory Promotion?


Q.7 Does the Inventory Promotion accept Visa and MasterCard?

Ans. Yes.

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