Is Inadorn Scam (Aug 2021) Know The Detailed Reviews!

Is Inadorn Scam (Aug 2021) Know The Detailed Reviews! >> In this article, we have talked about an online web-based e-commerce platform that deals with kitchen appliances.

Are you looking for kitchen appliances online? Do you want to buy them on reduced prices and recently came across a website called Inadorn? However, do you wish to confirm its legitimacy before shopping from this portal? Please read this composition to answer all your questions.

In this write-up, we have discussed facts regarding Is Inadorn Scam, about which the customers worldwide, along with the United States, are keen to know.

Is Inadorn Genuine?

We have brought before you a few points that shall add to your knowledge concerning the above question.

  • Portal Age – One month old, created on 29th June 2021.
  • Portal Trust Score – 1%, which is a “very bad trust score”.
  • Copied Content– The pictures on the home page are copied from other websites.
  • Social Media Connection – The social media links on this website are landing to the home page of the media. 
  • Invalid Contact Mail – The mail address provided in the contact us section is invalid. This will reaffirm your opinion on Inadorn Reviews.
  • Missing Contact Address – This portal does not have any contact address; therefore, it becomes hard for the customers to trust.
  • Customer Reviews – There are no customer reviews available.
  • Owner Information – There is no mention about the owner information on this portal. 

The above facts that we gathered over our research on the Internet clarify the fact that this website is illicit.

What Is is an online electronic commerce platform that deals with kitchen appliances. Their products include various plastic plates, silverware, commercial kegerator, and so on. The plastic plates are disposable and come with combos. In addition, the platform also provides bifocal spectacles and bronze sculptures as decorative items. Apropos Is Inadorn Scam, please read further to know in detail. 


  • Type of Portal – An e-commerce platform that deals with home and kitchen appliances like disposable plastic plates, sculptures, glasses, etc. 
  • Portal Address –
  • Contact Address – There is no contact address present on this website that highly raises the question about its authenticity.
  • Phone Number – 86-18487(123)456 (This contact number is used on other portals also and does not appear genuine.)
  • E-mail Id – contact@inadorn.comm (This is an invalid address, which is very important about your doubt regarding Is Inadorn Scam.)
  • Sort and Filter Options – Available
  • Price of Products– Mentioned in US Dollars.
  • Payment Policy– Not Mentioned.
  • Shipping Policies – Standard shipping takes 15-30 days.
  • Refund Policies – Within 14 days after receiving the ordered product.
  • Payment Options – Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and other credit and debit cards.
  • Social Media Linking – Not available


  • The developers have described the products appropriately. 
  • All the popular payment options are there in the payment section.
  • The shipping and refund policies are explained well. 


  • The website is very new as it is only a month old.
  • There is no contact address given, which is a significant fact regarding Is Inadorn Scam.
  • The e-mail address of this website is invalid. This will create suspicion in the customer’s mind.
  • The contact phone number is linked with other portals also, which is dubious.
  • The social media links are not functioning. With the invalid e-mail and phone number, social media was the only way to contact them, which is also not applicable.
  • As the products of this website do not have customer reviews, this becomes untrustworthy and unsafe.
  • The privacy policy section is copied from another website.
  • The designers have copied the home page picture from another site. 

Inadorn Reviews

As expected, there are no reviews available on the major reviewing platforms like Quora, Amazon, Reddit and Trustpilot. The absence of customer reviews makes it unsafe, as it is very new in the market. It shall be helpful for you to know How to Get a Refund on Credit Card, If Scammed.


It must be crystal clear to you that it is not a safe portal to involve in. We would suggest you not buy items from such untrustworthy platforms and read Everything You Should know about Paypal Scam. You might want to read about Disposable Plastic Plates to know about it.

Concerning Is Inadorn Scam, please share your views below.

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