Is Etsy Gardens Scam (Nov) Easy & Quick Website Review!

Do you want to decorate your home? This article will connect you with a podium with the points on Is Etsy Gardens Scam or legit?

Do you want to connect with nature? Do you want to decorate your home entrance with natural flowers? This post is best for you, so stay connected with us till the last.

There are so many availabilities of natural flowers in wreaths, artificial wreaths, and handmade items in the online podiums.

Here we are telling you about a new website in the market that claims to offer handmade wreaths etc. The United States peoples are very curious to know about its authenticity: Is Etsy Gardens Scam or legit?

Is Etsy Gardens Legit or Fake?

Nature is so beautiful, and natural products are very eye-catching that gives us energy to mind and body. So here we will check the reality that the website claims:

  • The website launched on 06/09/2021, just one week ago, and the domain is registered till 06/09/2022.
  • Etsy Gardens secured only a 1% trust index which looks bad.
  • Etsy Gardens holds a very low trust ranking, just 5.8 out of 100.
  • Most of the content realized on the portal is copied.
  • There are no lines visible for the founder of the company.
  • Etsy Gardens secured a zero Alexa rating that looks horrible.
  • User’s Etsy Gardens Reviews do not contain extant on the trust pilot, and not even on other sites.
  • It is serving its facilities worldwide, including the United States.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter links have been shared on the website, but no one is working.
  • It provides wreaths, wreaths waterproof bags, wreath holders etc.
  • The website interface is shared by other suspicious websites also.

Moreover, the website is questionable as of now. So please research well before any shopping here and wait till the user’s genuine reviews arrived.

What is Etsy Gardens?

Etsy Gardens is claiming to offer a collection of flower wreaths, holders, bags and much more. Currently, it is offering an approximately 50% discount on particulars items.

To check: is Etsy Gardens Scam or legit? For the exact specifications of the products, you can go through the website URL. All the policies have been mentioned on the official page. You can also go through it.

Let us have to check the features, pros, and cons of the portal.

Specifications About Etsy Gardens

  • URL:
  • Email Support:,
  • Contact Number: not shared.
  • Products: wreath with flowers, wreath bag, wreath holders and much more.
  • Company address: not visible anywhere.
  • Founder’s Details: hidden.
  • To confirm: is Etsy Gardens Scam or legit? The user’s reviews section is fully Off.
  • Social media Pages: links have been shared but not active.
  • Payment methods: VISA, PayPal, Master cards, etc.
  • Return/ refund: within 14 days after delivery.
  • Shipping Policy: 7-15 days
  • Security: by HTTPS and SSL integration.
  • Discounts: up to 50%.

Advantages of the Website

  • It is offering a discount coupon.
  • You can make payments online by using different payment modes.
  • All the policies details are available on the portal.
  • You can ask for the query through an email address.

Disadvantages of the Website

  • There are no lines for website legitimacy: is Etsy Gardens Scam or legit? As shoppers’ feedback is not extant anywhere.
  • The website creation date is too recent, i.e., 06/09/2021.
  • It has a bad trust score.
  • It has a horrible trust rank.
  • Contact number and company address have not been shared on the official page.
  • It is providing very little no. of items.
  • Social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter links have been shared, but all are not working.

What are the users’ Etsy Gardens Reviews?

Etsy Gardens is the online shopping platform by which you can make orders of wreaths and its accessories like holders and bags. Currently, it is providing a good amount of discount.

Before going through online shopping, we have to take an idea about the website reality through the shoppers’ output, so we have visited on the internet. Still, unfortunately, there is the unavailability of users’ mindsets.

You can wait till user’s arrived with their feedbacks, and please learn how to protect your money from PayPal fraud.

The Final Thoughts

We have to conclude its legitimacy in the final verdict: is Etsy Gardens Scam or legit? With few major points like too early domain creation age, bad trust score, very less trust rank, no user’s reviews, no traffic, no publicity, inactive social media pages, contact number unavailable, company address unavailable etc. makes the website questionable. Please be aware of the links which provide you with a piece of information about how to save your precious money from credit card scams.

Do you have any items from this website? Please share your thoughts with us and mention your question in the below comment box.

57 thoughts on “Is Etsy Gardens Scam (Nov) Easy & Quick Website Review!”

  1. I purchased an autumn wreath. The picture was beautiful. I received a 12 inch $3.00 piece of crap with 3 white pumpkins hot glue gunned on, which fell off in shipping. Total scam!!!!

      • I had the exact same experience. Pictures of wreath on website totally misrepresented actual shiny green plastic extra small wreath with white plastic berries and plastic pumpkins. I opened a dispute with PayPal. In addition it shipped directly from China and took 60 days even though the website indicates it would be shipped from California. I requested a return authorization via email…we will see. The website indicates full refund if they are contacted within 14 days of receipt. I received it today.

    • I just received the exact same 12″, cheap, plastic, smelly, poorly assembled “wreath” that looks NOTHING like the description or the photos!!! I’m furious! And I waited TWO full months for this! I’ve contacted them via email ans attached a photo of what I actually received. The glue is so smelly that I can’t even bring in into the house……and I wouldn’t even put it on a DOG house! Have you pursued a refund? Results? Please help if you can. Thank you🤗

        • I purchased a 24 inch autumn wreath in September. Shipping took about six weeks. I received a 12 inch wreath that was nothing close to what I ordered. I was offered a 10% refund if I would keep the substitute. I was then offered 20%, then 30%. Since I refuse to accept an inferior product that I did not order, today I was informed it would have to be returned to China which would cost more than I had paid. This seems to be classic bait and switch….and an unprofessional company….BUYER BEWARE

    • Kim

      Same thing happened to me. I got a dollar store wreath. I went 10 rounds with them and they said we ran out of what you ordered so we sent you this piece of crap.

      BUYER DON’T BUY!! Total scam.

      First they offered me 50% back then 10% and now 30%. We will see if I get anything back.

      It shows up on my credit card as Bingo Bingo. I knew at that point I was doomed. I even paid extra for shipping to get it before thanks giving which I did not.


  2. Just bought a wreath for $41. It looks nothing like the picture on the website. Cheaply made of plastic.
    Gives the email if you are not satisfied, but email came back as undeliverable! Total scam

      • I ordered from them. Man do I regret it. It is definately a scam. They sent me something that looks nothing like what was advertised. Size, colors, or quality. And then they false advertise on the refund policy. Saying that they would be “more than happy to refund me, but since it has to go all the way to China, the shipping will cost more than the item itself.” … they didn’t know that ahead of time? False advertising again. You can’t leave a review anywhere.
        Next step is to open a claim with my credit card company. Very miserable experience

        • Hello Sara Martin, thanks for the update. We feel sad, you have to face this scenario. Nowadays, they use such tricks and just showcase as if its dispatched. Try for a refund. The payment company will help you to get your money back. Be aware. Take care. Thanks.

  3. I would have to agree that this website is a scam and I was a victim. I ordered a wreath that looked huge and beautiful for $35.00 (50% off). It took about 2 months to get here from China, which I was not told when I ordered. The pitiful wreath finally arrived, cheap, plastic, and very small. There is no contact number on the website and when I sent an email to the address given to obtain the return address, my email bounced back to me. BEWARE!

  4. I recently ordered a wreath from EtsyGardens. It is the one on the left of your website. What I got looked nothing like it. It was a piece of plastic (12″) with some flowers and styrofoam pumpkins that fell off as I was opening the package. They have misrepresented what they are selling and I am in the process of trying to get a refund on it. The jury is still out.

  5. I bought what I thought was a beautiful extra large autumn wreath too! It’s a scam! I emailed the company and asked for my money back. It advertises a 100% money back guarantee. NOT TRUE. You must send the wreath back to them in China for a cost of $30. Then they will determine if you get a refund or not. They offered a 10% discount which would be about $10. I emailed them back and said I wanted a full refund because that is what they advertise on their website. They did email back after a few days and said that they would give me 10% discount on my wreath. I paid with Pay Pal and submitted a claim today. When I went to FB today, I found over 15 new companies on my FB page advertising similar decorations. They used the same sales descriptions, guarantees, etc. I reported each one and it seems after each one, there popped up another!! Why so many with different names? They must be making a fortune from us trusting buyers. I wish FB would take them all off!!

  6. I also bought two wreaths for autumn. Looked beautiful. Took 2 months fir delivery. I tried to cancel order but email they give is a fake. Wreath finally come and they are cheap plastic and 1/2 the size shown on site. I’m having my credit card company deal with it.

      • I also purchased 2 wreaths from them and when I received them I was so disappointed. I was offered 10% back, then 20%, then 30%, we settled on 75%, figured that would compensate for the shipping. I was last told I would receive a refund in 5-7 days, haven’t received anything yet and their website is now unavailable, Feel pretty stupid I feel for this. Going to make sure the next time I make sure a website I purchase has contact information

        • Hello Gina, Ohh the way they cheat is out of thought. They just offer discounts, earn without any hard work and disappear. Sometimes the contact info provided is also false. Check the reviews of previous buyers. It can help you to decide. Please update. Thanks

  7. I bought a beautiful 24″ Fall wreath too. What I received was a cheap 12″ plastic wreath worth less than $5.00 from a dollar store. I disputed the purchase with my credit card company and they have the audacity to tell me the purchase was legit and needs to be paid by me. I have re-opened that dispute. Etsy Gardens is a scam!

  8. TOTAL SCAM! Wish I had seen this sooner. I have requested a refund from the seller and from PayPal. So far, only a partial refund offered. I also plan to contact my credit card company.
    They don’t know me, I won’t give up.

  9. Guess I am in the same crowd. It’s been over 2 months and I know what’s coming is crap. Wish I had known anywhere that these were from China and I would not have bought. The site made it seem like they were hand made. Will dispute with PayPal but it’s probably futile. Etsy should remove as well as Facebook.

  10. TOTAL-TOTALLY SCAMMERS- NOT TO MENTIONED THE PRICE FOR SOMETHING FALSELY ADVERTISED. I placed an order on 9.9.21 for the Autumn white pumpkins @$38.95 and a Fall Everyday Wreath @35.98 for a total of $74.93. Finally arrived on 10.29.21 nearly 44 days and YUCK! this is been a NIGHTMARE because these MINI SIZE wreaths could be purchased at the DOLLAR STORE for a dollar a piece. This people are falsely advertising their products. I would recommend anyone reading one ratings regarding ETSYGARDENS. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM unless you choose to support their outrageous priced products and regret it like me.

    • Hi, Lorraine. This happened to me, too! Did you obtain a refund from either etsygardens or PayPal???
      With all these exact same complaints about this fraudulent website….why doesn’t PayPal stop doing business with them and protect Amerucan consumers???

  11. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy from this so called “company”. It’s not a real company! The wreath pictured vs what was received was a total SCAM! It was nothing more than a piece of plastic from a dollar store. Piece of shit!!! I contacted them via email over and over again. They won’t provide a return address or the money paid. They continue to provide a vague response stating “we are trying to negotiate with you”. Nothing but lies! They aren’t willing to do anything but scam another person and run with your money!

  12. Total scam. I will never buy from facebook advertisement again. Totally misrepresented wreath. I’m still trying to reach out to get a refund. Buyers beware. Look for reviews. Buy local. Never Again

  13. Total scam! I bought 2 wreaths that look like they came from the dollar store. Trying to get refund but looks unlikely. So disappointed

  14. These reviews are identical to what I would like to report. Now trying to get my money back which I’m doubtful will happen. It’s sad they are able to continue to advertise especially on Facebook.

    • Hello Barb, feel bad such incidents are occurring frequently. Most of them sent the same message and never got the order. You are doing right try for a refund and get your money back. Such frauds must be stopped somewhere. Facebook should ban such portals to advertise them on their page. Please let us know, if you receive your money back. Thanks.

  15. Looks like I am in good company. Same story as the rest of you. After waiting nearly 2 months I could not believe the piece of crap I received in place of the beautiful fall wreath I thought I was getting. Best reminder of old saying “ if something looks too good to be true- it probably is!” I have been offered a 30% refund by company after many emails, which amounts to $13… I too have leaned on PayPal to work this out for full refund.

    • Hello Crystal, Thanks for informing us here. Check with PayPal for a full refund, they only can help you in getting your money back. Let the buyers know the exact details of the portal, so they can stay away. Please update further details. Thanks. Be cautious. Take care.

  16. Glad I’m not alone — I made the same mistake and purchased the same wreath. It was lush, beautiful, and sizable in the description and photos, however the item I received is a fraction of the size advertised and was hardly identifiable as a wreath. I’m in the process of trying to get them to issue a refund, however, they are not helpful. They offered to give me 10% of my money back which is unacceptable. I’m still disputing and am demanding a prepaid return label if they want the item back to issue the refund. I’m also taking this up with my credit card company. This “company” needs to be blacklisted.

    • had same experience. I filed dispute with PayPal. The seller originally offer $30 refund of the $101.99 that I paid. I declined their offer and continue to dispute with PayPal. The item was definitely not as represented. Today I was notified The seller will refund the 10199. And I don’t have to send the fake $3 wreath back to China either. Perseverance.

      • Hello Shelley, It is good to reach with the PayPal team for a refund. At least, you will get a refund and save your money. The buyers should keep in mind, escalate through your payment company. Be aware and alert. Take care. Thanks.

  17. It is a complete and total scam. I ordered two wreaths – one never received and the other complete rubbish. I am usually so careful about purchasing online but the Etsy in the name threw me off until after I placed the order. I am still fighting for a refund and filed a claim on the charge. Buyer be wear!

  18. I had the ame experience. I filed dispute with PayPal. The seller originally offered $30 refund of the $101.99 that I paid. I declined their offer and continue to dispute with PayPal. The item was definitely not as represented. Today I was notified The seller will refund the 101.99. And I don’t have to send the fake $3 wreath back to China either. Perseverance.

  19. This company is completely fraudulent, do not order anything from them! I had to cancel my credit card for fear of inappropriate activity. Don’t order from them!!!!

    • Hello Scurry, we can understand how you must be feeling. Such activity made you cancel the card. But no worries, henceforth you check the familiar portals. Buyers read the advices against the portal. Take care.

  20. Scam site. Ordered in September after checking on the site for shipping times and figured I would be waiting 2–3 weeks based on their estimates. Over 2 months later, the most pathetic plastic “wreaths” arrived wrapped only in a bag/plastic shipping wrap—no box! They both were nothing like what were pictured/purchased. I have emailed requesting a refund but am not optimistic…

    • Hello Wendy Meyer, it’s terrible. The time gap to dispatch the order and in turn, such low-quality products make the buyers feel nervous and disappointed. If possible, try for a refund. Let us know if any updates from their side. Be aware and alert. Take care. Thanks.

  21. The company Etsy Gardens is fraudulent. The product I ordered was substandard. It what not at all like the wreath shown on the website. I decided to take my complaint to the business directly. My purchase was originally made on September 19th 2021. was the contact for the product. I emailed them with my complaint. After a month or so of correspondence with nothing was resolved. They wanted me to accept a 5% reimbursement, then 10% then 50% , and they told me I did not have to return the wreath. I vehemently declined each offer and told them directly that I wanted a full refund and I would not go through the expense of shipping the product back to China (where they finally admitted to being located.) After doing a lot of web searching and getting information on the company, I found many additional discrepancies in their business claims. I filed a legal complaint with the Attorney Generals Office and the Federal Trade Commission. The Attorney General and the FTC acted in a timely manner and sent me responses saying my complaints were in the system and further action would be taken after an investigation. I sent the documents with file numbers confirming that I had indeed filed complaints and that further legal action would be taken if necessary. The whole process took time and patience on my part. However, I am so disgusted with internet scams that I had to follow through and possibly make enough noise so that Etsy Gardens and its little umbrella companies would know I would not back down. I persevered and this morning I was notified that I am being refunded the full amount to my PayPal account. I will thoroughly investigate any purchase I want to make on the internet from now on. If I find any discrepancies at least now I know what channels I have to go through to, at the very least, hinder these fraudulent companies from scamming others.

    • Hello Lisa S., We are much thankful, you put time and sent bundle of information for all. This details will help all the buyers to remain away from such fraudulent. It will save money and can place orders from the genuine company. We feel happy you got the refund. We can see how much of hard work, you have to put for a refund. You did it right, filed a complaint and got justice. Otherwise, this scammers are here to earn money easily. We suggest you to just go through the reviews from next time, before you place any order. Thank you so much. Take care. Be aware and alert.

  22. I ordered & paid for White Pumpkins Ranunculus wreath on Sept.0 2021. I paid $38.95 + $7.99 shipping
    And, I’m still waiting for it.

    • Hello Jeannette Turiace, It’s a long-time backorder. It is advisable, check for a refund. Get money back from them. You can check genuine portals for the new transaction. Be cautious. Thanks & regards. Take care.


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