Is Epost Scam {June 2021} Read To Find Genuine Details!

Is Epost Scam {June 2021} Read To Find Genuine Details! >> Here, you will get all the details of an online postal service scam. Read here to find the details.  

Have you ever been scammed or heard of being scammed by an electronic postal service? In this article, we will share the details of one such e-postal service and throw some light on this trending news Is Epost Scam or not?

Let’s find in this write—up the details about this free online service, Epost, which Canada post offers, and we will also answer the authenticity of this news here.

What is Epost?

Epost is an online service offered by Canada Post where you can receive all the documents related to Pension through the mail, and you can keep an account of those documents through mails or online; the documents which can be viewed are statements for direct deposits, tax slips, some bills and annual pensioner’s statement.

The Canadian postal service has stated that Epost will be discontinued from Dec 2022 onwards.

Well, Is Epost Scam or not? To find out, stay connected with us till the end.

How does Epost works?

You should have U.S. or Canadian mailing Id for registering under this service.

Let’s look at the process of registration in details:-

  • Firstly, for registration, you should have the key to the payee account. Also, the pension number is required, which should be from the last statement of your direct deposit.
  • Then follow the mentioned instructions given for registration accordingly.
  • After you have registered to get the pension-related documents, select the option (PSSA) mentioned in the list of organizations.
  • Is Epost Scam or not? Please find it in the other Sections.
  • Also, if you get the child allowance and are his/her entitled parents, you can get their mails to your account simply by adding them to your Epost account.                                                   
  • Once all the documents of your Pension are issued, you can get your emails.

Customer feedbacks 

One of the customers complained about the Epost service that -the customer didn’t receive property tax bills via Epost. Similarly, another customer stated that-Epost had informed that they would delete messages older than seven years.

Well, the negative feedbacks somewhat points out the trending news to be genuine. 

Is Epost Scam?

Epost the well-known electronic postal service fails to meet the people’s desires, and the claims made by the service are not being fulfilled; hence, based on the customer complaints/feedback, it seems the Epost is probably a scam service. Also, many complaints were spotted in the Epost Applications by the users too.

Final verdict

In the final statement, it will be appropriate to wrap up this hot news by stating that based on various customer feedback, it seems the Epost is not working properly and fails to provide all necessary Pension documents as it claimed to do.

Hope we answered all your queries about this trending news Is Epost Scam.

Have you ever been scammed with the Epost service? Then, do mention it down in the comment box and let us know.

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